The best Valheim weapons and how to make them

Here are the 10 best Valheim weapons for survival in the Nordic Land. There are plenty of weapons for production, but some are definitely better than others. For example, the Crude Bow is great for beginners, while the wooden Club is easily overlooked.

So here’s an overview of the best weapons in Valheim, from the Draugr Fang to the single Porcupine, to help you get the best of the best right away. Follow the crafting recipes as described below, equip the weapon and give these biome bosses what they deserve. If you want the best chance of survival, don’t forget to pair them with the best Best Valheim armor options as well.

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Valheim Torch

It’s a somewhat awkward first entry, but players tend to ignore the Torch’s power as the first useful Valheim weapon. Besides being extremely easy to create, you get one for free when you spawn as a new character.

Admittedly, the blunt damage is extremely low. But here’s the thing: It’s the only melee weapon that does fire damage. And guess who is extremely weak to fire? Every enemy in the meadows (Greylings, Greydwarves, Necks, Pigs). Fire will scare them away and save you from a fight while you’re still in rags. If there’s one weapon that will help you survive as a new Viking, it’s the Torch.

  • 1 wood
  • 1 resin

Valheim Raw bow

The best bow in Valheim? No, but the Raw Bow is the best weapon you can get in the first phase of the game before you take down Eikthyr. Thanks to its range, the Raw Bow can take down the most dangerous opponents without putting you at risk. For this reason, it is considered better than most early game melee weapons.

Using fire arrows is easy to increase the damage of the Raw Bow even more. You just need wood, resin (you’ll get a lot of material by killing Greylings) and feathers. Once you have a few feathers, you can shoot a few birds to make more.

This is all the material you need:

  • 10 wood
  • 8 leather scraps

Valheim Stagbreaker

Not only does this massive two-handed hammer look cool, it’s also the most powerful Valheim melee weapon you can get without much effort. Just take a look at the incredibly high recoil power! The only downside to Stagbreaker is its slow attack speed, which makes it less suitable for players who prefer to fight fast and rely on their dodge skills.

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The Stagbreaker crafting recipe will automatically unlock after you collect your first ‘heartwood’ pieces. You can obtain core wood by cutting pine trees in the Black Forest biome. You only need to kill two boars to get enough leather scraps, but you’ll have to hunt a lot of deer as the deer loot only drops occasionally.

Here is the full list of requirements for Stagbreaker:

  • 20 core wood
  • 5 deer rewards
  • 2 leather scraps

Valheim Abyssal Harpoon

The only harpoon found in Valheim, the Abyssal Harpoon has a very specific use. The perfect weapon to have if you want to kill a sea snake. All you have to do is hit and drag him while other players attack.

Alternatively, you can use the Abyssal Harpoon to catch a snake and drag it ashore. Once there, he will either die by himself or you can take him down with a melee weapon. As it turns out, the bottomless Harpoon also provides a great mode of transportation: use it to pierce another player and fly them across the map!

You may not have heard of the ‘chitin’ ingredient you need to craft the Abyssal Harpoon. You can find bottomless mussels on the tiny islands you will see in the open sea. Try not to drown, though: These islands are actually living krakens that will disappear after a while.

Here are all the ingredients needed to obtain this unique Valheim weapon:

  • 8 thin wood
  • 30 kits
  • 3 leather scraps

Valheim Abyssal Razor

It’s easy to overlook the ‘blade’ weapon type in Valheim. However, while his base attack power is quite low, he has a very fast attack speed and a backstab multiplier. While the Abyssal Razor is no longer the best blade in the game, it’s still the most powerful considering how soon you can get it.

Besides hone your sneaky skills, you’ll need to craft some troll armor to make your Abyssal Razor a truly overpowered weapon. Wearing troll armor will give you a sneaky bonus that you can use to backstab even the toughest opponents.

If you go for the Abyssal razor, you’ll get a weapon similar to iron weapons, without the need to use ores. Instead, take a boat and collect Chitin from the bustling islands.

To build your Abyssal Razor you need:

  • 4 thin wood
  • 20 kits
  • 2 leather scraps

Valheim Draugr Fang’s photo.

Draugr Fang is still the undisputed number one bow in Valheim. Not only does it deal higher penetrating damage compared to all other bows, it’s also the only bow that does standard basic damage: poison damage to be more precise. Use with needle arrows and get maximum piercing damage, higher knockback damage and poison bonus.

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The Draugr Fang is far from the easiest weapon to craft, mostly due to the ‘guck’ and silver. If you are wondering what is Guck; Look for the green stuff in the trees in the swamp biome. You’ll find silver in the Mountain biome.

  • 10 old bark
  • 20 silver
  • 2 deerskin
  • number 10

Valheim Frostner

The blunt damage of the Frostner ax is good, but not overly high. As the name suggests, the Frostner ax can also deal frost damage and soul damage to enemies, and its knockback power is one of the highest in the game. Put them all together and you’ve got yourself a great battle axe.

Unfortunately, it’s a difficult weapon to create. You can only buy Ymir meat from a Valheim merchant named Haldor located somewhere in the Black Forest. Frost Cloth and silver are only available in the Mountain biome.

To summarize, you need:

  • 10 old bark
  • 30 silver
  • 5 Ymir meat
  • 5 freezing cloths

Valheim Blackmetal Ax

If you are looking for the best cut and slash damage weapon, go for the Blackmetal Ax. True, it’s slightly less powerful than the Crystal Battle Ax (counting the soul damage of the latter), but it’s a one-handed weapon. In other words, you swing a very powerful ax while still being protected by a shield.

The only downside is that you need access to the Plains Biome for most of the resources. Fine Wood is found in Meadows, while Black Metal and Linen (made of Linen) are only found in the Plains Biome. You will find these items by conquering Fuling villages.

  • 4 thin wood
  • 10 black metals
  • 5 linen yarn

Valheim Hedgehog

Ever heard of the Morning Star? The hedgehog gun is basically this; a heavy club with deadly spines at the end. Not only is it pretty fast for a heavy weapon, but it can do both blunt and penetrating damage. This makes it suitable against almost any opponent.

To make a hedgehog, you need needles and linen thread. Both become available after exploring the Plains biome. Do you see the giant Deathsquito? Kill them until you have enough needles. Linen can be made from Linen using a spinning wheel. These are all Hedgehog supplies:

  • 5 thin wood
  • 20 iron
  • 5 needles
  • 10 linen yarn

Here ends our list of the best weapons you can get in Valheim, enjoy your crafting!

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