7 of the best Breath of the Wild tricks and hacks to try for yourself

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild hacks and exploits are not done by hacking the code itself, but by finding strange or unexpected combinations in the game. By mixing mechanics, players can find new advantages, hilarious results, or devastating powers. Whether you’re making improvised gadgets or arming farm chickens, Breath of the Wild has some really weird hacks for you to try right now!

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Galloping around Hyrule with your trusty horse is a great way to see the sights, but it doesn’t come close to taking to the skies with your own flying machine and enjoying the vast plains and landscaped landscapes. youtuber He designed one of my favorite inventions, using both the paraglider and the Magnesis Rune wonderfully. The flying machine can be made by combining a metal block and a discarded mining cart, and is controlled by magnetizing the mining cart with Link’s Rune of Magnesis. Once you reach the highest point, just jump in and paraglide around Hyrule. Be sure to cook a lot of stamina-boosting dishes and potions to avoid making a Link size pressure on the floor below. Be sure to check this out to ensure you are best prepared before your flight.

Bringing Mario Kart to Hyrule

Considering how large the map in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is, why not navigate around Hyrule in style? The following materials are required before starting to zoom in on lush plains and rocky mountains. Fortunately, the list is short and supplies are easy to obtain, as the go-kart only requires a metal treasure chest and a mining cart. Both of these items can be found on Death Mountain in the northern part of the map. Once you find the necessary items, place the chest in front of the Card with your Magnesis Rune and use it to propel yourself forward. It’s not perfect, it’s easy to pull the crate out of its slot, especially on rough terrain, but with a little practice, you’ll tear the Hyrule apart in no time.

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sly climbing

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Climbing towers and climbing mountains doesn’t always have to be challenging, as one Japanese Twitter user learned. Kfurumiya used Link’s Magnesis and Remote Bomb to transform a humble tree into a useful climbing tool. The player cuts down the tree and lets the bomb fall on it before applying Magnesis to the log, freezing it in place while Link attacks it with his sword. Just before the timer expires, Kfurumiya activates the bomb that launches Link into the clouds above. The temporary boost gives Link enough time to jump off the log and begin his flight towards the tower. This simple technique can be used almost anywhere and is especially useful when dealing with some tricky towers and obstacles in the game.

Cooking a Cucco Storm

Attacking a Cucco in any Zelda game is not only incredibly brutal, it also causes the normally docile chickens to become utterly ruthless in their quest for revenge. When provoked, Cucco will summon the entire swarm from the skies to hell, forcing the player to flee as fast as possible or avoid their attacks. This has led players to use the feisty birds of Hyrule to defeat all manner of enemies, especially the rather troublesome ones. Grab a Cucco from a nearby town or village, put it in front of an attacking enemy, and let the poultry storm begin. The Master Sword may be more effective at killing enemies, but Cucco certainly provides a funnier way to end a fight.

Temple shortcuts

Breath of the Wild’s shrines offer a variety of puzzles and challenges that most players must solve to get what lies within. However, some people have found ways to break shrines in a way that allows them to skip certain trials. There are many elaborate ways to leverage physics in Breath of the Wild, but the most common shrine jumps use shield jumps and bomb buffs. Shield jump gives Link a double jump, while the use of Remote Bomb gives Link an additional boost. youtuber It has a series of videos dedicated to finding unique ways to unravel the various shrines of Breath of the Wild. For example, the video above gives Link a bit more height by using Cryonis before using a shield jump and bomb to launch Link into the locked room. Temple jumps have become hugely popular and are one of the ways to show how creative the Breath of the Wild community really is.

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Hylian-made fireworks

It doesn’t take any tricky mechanics to make this beautiful fireworks display, but there are some expensive and very rare items at work. Dragon Horns are the main ingredient here and are one of the most valuable items in the game. These horns can be used to upgrade various armors and provide a 30-minute boost when cooked in recipes, so blowing them up is often the last thing on most people’s minds. Collecting horns also takes a lot of time, especially when you consider that Link can only collect one horn from each dragon per in-game day. However, the YouTube user that blasting a bunch of these precious horns can make for quite a spectacle. If there are loads of unused horns around, why not a crack to light up the night sky?

war of giants

One of the things that makes Breath of the Wild so enjoyable to play is the interaction of various enemies with the world around them. Watching a group of Bokoblins hunting boars or seeing them dance around a crackling fire makes the world feel alive. However, Breath of the Wild’s villains don’t really interact with each other unless you take a Stone Talus into a Guardian’s territory. YouTube user He caught the moment when he provoked these two creatures to fight each other. Both of their sights were initially hard-trained on Link, but everything changed when Stone Talus accidentally struck the Guardian with a hard blow. The ancient machine tries to respond by firing its deadly laser, but is unable to target Talus’ weak spot and instead lies motionless on the ground. There’s something pretty cool about seeing a Guardian launch onto the field, especially since their deadly lasers have caused Link to kill many of them.

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