Teens are abandoning TV in favor of video games and streaming sites

British firm Deloitte has released its 17th annual digital media trends survey. The company stands out with this report new consumption habits of young generations.

Thus, we learn in particular that teens are turning to more user-generated content and video games to find therevalue, meaning and personal satisfaction”. In summary, the report shows that watching TV shows and movies at home is no longer a dominant activity for Millennials (ages 27 to 40) and Gen Z (ages 14 to 26). their time between social networks, streaming sites like Twitch, and video games.

deliotte video game study

A mix of digital experiences to replace physical encounters

As Deloitte’s report points out, younger generations value this mix of different digital experiences, and especially change physical encounters. Thus, the research shows that 32% of people questioned in the United States view online experiences (broadcasting, video games, social media) as effective substitutes for “physical” activities. This figure reaches 50% for Generation Z and Generation Y.

People expect digital media to provide them with more than just entertainment – they also expect to find real meaning and fulfillment in it.” Jana Arbanas, Deloitte’s vice president of communications, media and entertainment, said:

It concludes:Video games and user-generated content can offer greater interaction, socialization, and benefits, and their popularity among the younger generation potentially transforms the media and entertainment industry.”

Source: via Deloitte Ventura Beat

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