Switch Pro: Nintendo may launch its next console in 2024, search for suppliers begins

It’s like not knowing what to think about it. For several years now, but especially since 2021, rumors have been circulating about the Switch Pro. When Nintendo finally disappointed us by revealing an OLED Switch instead, we thought the wait was finally over. Then, the following year, rumors persisted until, according to the latest information, the Japanese firm abandoned the project.

However, that doesn’t mean the Nintendo Switch can never be replaced with another console. The latter already has an exemplary longevity (which does manage to attract some criticism), and even if success is still there, one day the small laptop will be too old to truly compete with its competitors.

Nintendo is already preparing for the release of its future console

To be precise, a recent report from Nikkei indicates that the manufacturer is already working on the task. After reminding the impressive sales figures of the Switch, the Japanese media states that Nintendo has started negotiations with various suppliers to start the production of the next generation consoles.

So Replace Pro or Not Switch Pro? It’s hard to say. There were so many rumors around the console that at one point it could only be considered on Nintendo’s boxes. However, due to component shortages, the project may be delayed to date, lacking consistency with the current market. The manufacturer could therefore decide to go directly to the next step.

Only the future will tell us. According to Nikkei, this famous console will not appear until the second half of 2024.

Source : Nikki

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