Steam users are scared by the increase in the value of Activision games after its acquisition by Microsoft

It seems that things didn’t go as well as expected. There was no doubt that the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft would bring a major upheaval in the global scenario of the video game industry. However, some of the changes didn’t make users very happy.

This is because the prices of Activision games on Steam increased more than normal after the acquisition by Microsoft. From one day to the next, the values ​​of Activision games, including the entire “Call of Duty” series, increased up to ten times their original value on the Steam platform.

This change took effect on October 16, just three days after the Activision Blizzard purchase was confirmed. So far, there are no clear reasons for this increase, although there is some speculation.

Change scared users

In the gaming community, speculation has arisen that this significant increase in prices may be related to Microsoft preparing to launch a wide range of games on the Xbox Game Pass. This would represent a loss of revenue, which would be offset by this decision on Steam.

However, so far, nothing else has been changed, which has left many people concerned. Even Phil Spencer himself, head of the Xbox division and CEO of Microsoft’s gaming division, has already clarified that there are still no immediate plans to incorporate these games into the Xbox subscription service.

The sudden increase in the prices of Activision games on Steam is something that leaves many people on their toes and it is not known whether it is the result of adjustments in specific regions, such as Argentina, Turkey and Brazil, or whether it is a strategy in view of the future availability of Activision games on Steam. Check the values:

Image: TyC Sports/Reproduction

These prices scared players, who were hoping for a more plausible explanation for this increase. Is this a way to earn more, a mistake, or something that no one has yet understood? Just waiting to know and understand what is happening with the titles within the Steam.

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