Steam: This new layer feature will delight gamers

After performing a complete overhaul of its Android and iOS app in October 2022, Steam attempted to revise the interfaces of its various launchers. In February 2023, the platform introduced the new version of Big Picture, its dedicated interface dedicated to controller gamers.

And this time, it’s your turn to makeover in the classic Steam client. Indeed, the maker of Steam Deck just announced Deployment of the latest beta version of the client. According to Steam, most of the efforts have focused on refactoring the code between the Steam Desktop, Big Picture Mode, and the Steam Deck client.

The idea is to speed up, simplify and streamline the implementation of new features. and rightly, this version includes a number of important changesespecially on the embarkation side.

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steam thrust slip

Steam’s interface is being revamped and it’s the best

For good reason, the coating has been revised from top to bottom. “Originally designed as a quick way to chat with loved ones or search for information or content about a game, this interface has been revamped with new features and customization possibilities.” The company writes.

As of now, the interface has a new toolbar where the player can find everything he may need during the game:

  • Game rating
  • chat with people
  • success progress
  • discussions
  • Guides and tips
  • Screenshot
  • Friends list
  • integrated web browser
  • player playlist
  • Gamepad settings
  • Steam Settings

New “Game Overview” tab centralizes all the necessary information about your current game. There we especially find ongoing achievements, people who have played it, top guides or the latest news about it.

Only two tools will be displayed when opening the overlay, but you are free to choose the items you want to see. Also note that your preferences are saved from one game to the next.

steam thrust slip

But what we hold in our hands above all else is probability. pin overlay windows directly to your game screen. For example, the player will be able to view personal notes, a complete guide or a YouTube video while traveling through the Underworld. Hand Ring.

According to Steam, window transparency level adjustable. “This new feature is available for Notes, Guides, Chats and Web Browser (nothing will stop you from watching movies and playing games at the same time)”, terminates the platform.

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