Steam showcases the best-selling games of the moment for gamers who need an opinion

After redesigning the Steam Android and iOS app, Valve has integrated a brand new feature into its famous gaming platform. Indeed, the manufacturer of the Steam Deck announced Addition of a new “Steam Graphics” page.

Today we are launching Steam Charts, a new section of Steam dedicated to displaying the most played and best selling games on Steam. With data updated in real time”, He explains Valve in a press release.

Valve revamps Steam’s stats section

According to the company, the interest To provide an overview of what’s popular on Steam, to attract the attention of the player with detailed figures. Regarding the games sold, we also do not expect the exact number of copies sold, which is not the case. This new section of Steam devoted to statistics shows a lot of information. Thus, you will be able to consult:

  • List of top sales classified by turnover achieved
  • real time best sales
  • most popular games in real time (number of active players)
  • best sales of the week
  • best news of the month
  • Steam hardware and software research
  • Steam download statistics
  • Steam customer support statistics
Steam page statistics

It is also possible to activate some filters in these searches, for example to get the weekly improvement of a title’s sales or View a game’s popularity by region. Then remember that it’s possible to view the top 100 best-selling and most-played games You will realize that nothing revolutionary on this new page. Still, it’s a welcome refresher on the presentation of this disparate data that until now was only accessible on third-party sites like SteamDB or Steam Chartz.

As a reminder, Valve made major changes to the game viewing rules on Steam in July 2022. Displaying an image highlighting ratings or awards is prohibited from now on. The idea is, above all, to prevent abuse and mislead players.

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