Steam: No more buying games available on Xbox Game Pass with this Chrome extension

There’s no doubt that Xbox Game Pass has profoundly changed gamers’ purchasing habits. Indeed, between buying a game for €60 when it’s available in Microsoft’s catalog for €10/month, sometimes even on the day of release, let’s just say it’s quick to calculate. Especially since this catalog is regularly updated to add new titles… so many that it can be easy to get lost.

Indeed, most of us spend a few minutes between different launchers available on PC to compare the prices of a particular game between them. And usually choose this option if available on Game Pass. As such, it’s a relatively tedious process and can sometimes tire more than one person, and then make the mistake of buying full price when a game is in Microsoft’s catalogue.

This Chrome extension will save you time and money

But that was before the arrival of Available on Game Pass. A very effective name for this new Chrome extension as it describes its role perfectly. This way, no more constantly switching from one window to another to check if a game is available on Xbox Game Pass before purchasing it from Steam. A banner will appear directly on the Steam page telling you whether you can download the title to Game Pass.

Better still, the extension can even tell you when the game will go on sale in the catalog if there’s a release date already announced by the Redmond firm. In other words, if you have to wait a few days before entering Xbox Game Pass, you might think twice before dropping into a game. An extension that is already a must for all PC gamers.

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