Steam Deck: Valve doubles production, delivery times will be shortened soon

Released amid an unprecedented component shortage, the Steam Deck has always been a very rare item on the market. Since its launch, Valve has developed a reservation system that notifies players when their console is ready so they can complete their purchase. Only here, this process depends on available stock and may actually take several months to expire.

But in April, things started to improve as Valve announced that its production would soon kick into high gear. In the end, we had to wait another two months for approval. The producer on Twitter, as of today, will ship more than double Steam Deck every week“.

Valve will ship even more Steam Bundles starting today

While the shortfall seems increasingly discreet across all industries, Valve therefore seems to have gotten a larger amount of components, particularly the SoC Van Gogh made by AMD, thus doubling its production. The firm also states that the first reservation emails for the third quarter will be sent from June 30.

After a minor fear that the release of the dock was delayed indefinitely in early June, Valve has some very good news here. Obviously, the manufacturer chose to focus on the production of its console to reduce delivery times as much as possible. It goes without saying that this is probably the best time to reserve your Steam Deck. While the console site still announces a delivery for October 2022 at the earliest, that forecast could change for the better in the coming days.

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