Steam Deck reservations are now 6 months, be patient!

“We look forward to putting Steam Deck in the hands of as many people as possible! » Valve exclaims in a recent blog post. Still, you’re not ready to get your hands on console — or PC, according to reviews — if you book today. In a recent blog post, the manufacturer is reporting on the availability of Steam Deck. Suffice it to say that the announcement will not please you: at least you will have to wait 6 months to get your console back if you book today.

It’s really impossible to buy directly. Since it was announced, the Steam Deck was available for reservation only, costing the user 4€. The valve is then installed waiting list warns the interested parties gradually when they can finalize their orders. However, this queue gets longer. third trimester For those who made their reservation today.

Steam Deck, not yet

Yet Valve claims it has increased production speed. And for good reason, the company has big ambitions. It’s currently planning to expand Steam Deck’s availability in other markets, particularly Japan – a big bet for the manufacturer, the country has a very special history with portable consoles. But it’s impossible to escape lack of ingredients This affects the entire industry.

After all, the last one was responsible for this. postponing the official release, the console was originally supposed to be available for Christmas 2021. All that’s left at this point is to rely on other players’ cancellations to get things done faster. Meanwhile, although Valve has already confirmed the existence of Steam Deck 2, we will have to be patient.

Source: Lid

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