Starfield: Bethesda reveals new gameplay elements, looks crazy

We’re only a few days away from capturing Starfield. Bethesda Space Exploration RPG. before that Official statement on September 6, the editor immersed himself in the question/answer game, and at least we can say that he wasn’t stingy with revelation. This is how we learn of its existence. many never before seen game elements. The game looks better than we thought.

Among our favorites contraband management. Nothing stops you in Starfieldloading illegal goods onto your ship for resale Other than that to disreputable people illegal in the whole game world. it’s up to you to fool hide cargo from the eyes of security systems around the big cities. This will require investment special modules to be placed on the ship. Get caught Choose: pay fines, go to jail or resist and try to escape. Yes, as in the Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim in mind.

Starfield reveals core gameplay elements days before release

After a task, one needs rest. And what could be better for that than a house? Starfield recommends you buy a house in most cities. Some even presented as a mission award. We don’t know if it will be possible to assign people in our group to them or how customizable they are. On the other hand, Bethesda tells us:There will be 20 named companions in total.. emphasis was placed 4 available in Constellationthe group of explorers you join at the beginning of the game.

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With all due respect to absolute pacifists, It seems that it is impossible to finish the game without killing anyone.. Non-lethal options are available, but the developers do not guarantee that it will be fully defensible. Finally, we draw attention to the existence of 3 major religions: holy universebelieving in the existence of God somewhere in the universe, lightning bolts (or Enlightened/Awakened, depending on the French translation used), philanthropic atheists and House of Va’ruThinking that a giant snake will soon encircle the world and devour humans. We are still hesitant about which one to choose.

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