Square Enix will bet on the ‘aggressive’ use of AI in 2024

The president of Square Enix, Takashi Kiryu, made a recent announcement that shook the gaming market. He informed that the company will adopt an “aggressive” stance in the insertion of artificial intelligence (AI) in the development and distribution stages.

The executive, who has headed the company since last year, disclosed this information through the traditional New Year’s letter, signed every year by the company’s president.

Kiryu talks about the artificial intelligence in two specific excerpts of the text. In the first, he points out that, despite current debates, ChatGPT has facilitated the dissemination of generative AIs and made it quite clear that the possible use is not limited to text.

“The following months were accompanied by a rapid succession of new service and content launches that expanded generative AI to a series of domains close to digital entertainment, including images, videos and music”, explained Kiryu.

In the view of the president of Square Enix, these systems have the power to reconfigure the company’s internal processes, including programming.

Insertion of AI into Square Enix processes works with medium and long-term expectations – Photo: Square Enix/Reproduction

The big announcement

It was in the second excerpt about artificial intelligence that the businessman made the important announcement:

“We intend to be aggressive in applying AI and other cutting-edge technologies to both content development and distribution functions. In the short term, our goal is to improve development productivity and achieve more sophistication in marketing strategies”, informed Kiryu.

He also said that, in the long term, the idea is to boost technologies to create new forms of content.

“We believe that technological innovations represent business opportunities”, he explained.


Since taking office, the executive has implemented a series of measures. Some of them were mentioned by him in the New Year’s text, such as the veto on certain games in development and the plan to give more resources to internal teams.

A project under Kiryu’s management is to standardize processes and improve efficiency and communication between production and distribution teams. He did not give further details about how he intends to implement AI systems in the company’s routine.

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It is worth remembering that one of the directors of ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake‘ has already talked about creating an AI tool to facilitate facial animation and lip syncing.

Kiryu’s predecessor as president of Square Enix, Yosuke Matsuda, had said in the last letter that the company’s focus would be on the blockchain/Web 3.0 universe. The current president said that this measure will remain.