Spider-Man 2 will launch on PS5 in September 2023, according to Venom actor

This year 2023 will definitely be rich in video game releases. After the Hogwarts Legacy, Wo-Long: Fallen Dynastyvery good surprise High Fi Speed even a remake of Resident Evil 4, before we forget, we’ll also qualify for the massive Diablo IV in June 2023. DLC for a particular Elden Ring.

Another major title will be released in 2023, or so we hope. This is of course Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the next game from the Insomniac Games teams. Since its officialization during State of Play in September 2021, The studio was very poor in terms of information.

We had to wait for a leak from a screenwriter of the game in December 2022 to finally hear about the project. Via an article on the Playstation Blog, the studio has confirmed that the game will launch on PS5 in the fall of 2023. Good news for all fans who can’t wait to discover the rest of Peter Parker and Miles Morales’ adventures.

Venom player spills beans on release date

But it’s not over because Tony Toddtranslator of Venom in this new piece, just made a new thoughtlessness on Twitter. As a matter of fact, the actor known for these roles, Team, Candyman and Final Destination guarantees the game will come to PS5 From September 2023.

Looks like September! A major advertising campaign is planned for August. Ads were said to start dropping in August. Hold yourself… and hold your breath! It will be necessary.” writes to the blue bird.

If the actor is clearly in a good position to have precise and highly reliable information about the game given his role in the project, It is clear that the studio did not communicate with permission.. In fact, it’s better to avoid getting carried away and wait for an official statement, preferably from Insomniac.

As a reminder, the post-credits scene of the first game provided an important clue to the course of events. We were able to see the lifeless body of Peter Parker’s childhood friend, Harry Osborn, inside a tank. For all we know, his father, Norman Osborn aka the Green Goblin, will use the symbiote (the extraterrestrial lifeform that takes place on Venom) to save his son from a terrible pathology. Obviously, his plan will turn into a nightmare.

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