SHOCKING discovery: gamer reveals dark mystery in PC’s power source

When purchasing new hardware, we are often faced with unpleasant surprises. Recently, a gamer decided to unlock the secrets of its power supply by dismantling it, this revealed a scenario that highlights the importance of investing in quality devices.

Unnecessary metal block and absence of crucial fuses

The analysis of the Equites T500, carried out by TomsHardware experts, showed that this power supply has characteristics that classify it as inferior, mainly due to the lack of essential protection mechanisms.

User RedditCringe990 shared his discovery on Reddit, exposing the inside of the piece and undoubtedly avoiding a potential problem.

During the inspection, the young man found an immense block of iron inside the source, strategically positioned close to the capacitors.

Interestingly, this iron block did not play any functional role, as it was not connected in any way to the other electrical components.

Iron block used only to simulate the weight of a better quality product – Image: RedditCringe990 via Reddit/Reproduction

Although weight is not generally a criterion that determines the value of a model, users in the comments suggested that this iron block was just a ruse to create the impression of a more robust and high-quality product.

The importance of choosing a quality source

A power supply lacking protections represents the most dangerous component in a system.

The absence of these mechanisms can result in failures in the source components, leading to the destruction of the rest of the system. system. Every reliable power supply must be equipped with three crucial fuses.

  1. Short Circuit Protection (SCP): prevents damage to the power supply and other parts in the event of a short circuit;

  2. Overload Protection (OPP): turns off the power supply in situations of excessive load;

  3. Overcurrent and Undercurrent Protection (OCP/UVP): guarantees the safety of the source and components against abnormal voltage variations.

It is essential to understand that disassembling a power supply without technical knowledge can be dangerous. No wonder these devices display life-threatening warnings.

Even if there are suspicions about the presence of unknown elements, it is advisable to have a qualified professional carry out the check.

When investing in hardware, always remember: safety and quality are priorities. Choosing reliable, high-quality power supplies guarantees a robust system free from unexpected setbacks.

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