Samsung may unveil its anti-Apple Vision Pro headset during the next Google I/O

Samsung XR mixed reality headset prototype

February 2023: Samsung announced plans to make a mixed reality headset, later called Samsung XR, as there was no alternative. There has been relatively little news since then. But in the meantime, Apple released its own headset, Vision Pro. If the latter is quite far from the general public product, it remains ahead of its competitor both in the market and in the minds of users.

Samsung won’t have to delay if it wants to stay in the race. This is a good thing: today there are rumors that we will finally get news about the project in the coming weeks, more precisely from May 14th. Does this date mean anything to you? This is quite normal. This is the launch date of Google I/O, the Mountain View company’s annual conference that introduces upcoming Android products and new features.

Samsung may take advantage of Google I/O to introduce its XR headset

Return in February 2023. While announcing the project, Samsung stated that it approached Google and Qualcomm to develop its headset to benefit from both the Android platform and the power of the Snapdragon XR 2+ Gen 2 chips. Our colleagues at SamMobile noted that Google will be making announcements about augmented reality in X (Twitter) soon during its I/O conference.

While there’s no mention of the Samsung XR, the timing couldn’t be more telling. But we’ll have to wait for the deadline to be sure. Meanwhile, it is already rumored that Samsung’s headset will be much more affordable than Apple’s and will approach the price of Meta Quest 3. Enough to appeal to a much wider audience.

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