‘Rugrats: Little Angels’ gets incredible game this year

Those people who were children in the 1990s and early 2000s certainly remember ‘Rugrats: The Little Angels‘.

The Nickelodeon cartoon was shown in Brazil by both SBT and Rede Globo and told the story of four babies who saw the world of adults in a unique and special way.

In this way, trivial facts for the older children were interpreted as true epic adventures for the little ones, whose families were friends and, therefore, everyone was always together.

There was also the iconic villain Angélica, who was the cousin of Tommy, the leader of the group, and, because she was older, constantly tormented the others.

The success of the work was so great that some feature films were even produced for the cinema, and thousands of fans around the world were able to see the adventures of the little ones on the big screen.

In fact, some titles aimed at consoles were released at the time, especially the PlayStation 1.

Now, ‘Os Anjinhos’ will return in an electrifying game in 2024, aimed at the PS4PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PCs.

The game will be called ‘Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland’, and its format will be in 2D, in a clear inspiration from the classics of the 8-bit era.

On this journey, the player will be able to choose any of the protagonists (Tommy, Chuckie and the twins Phil and Lil) and control them in various imaginary universes, such as desert areas, snowy areas and even in the heart of the jungle. In addition, multiplayer or single-player formats will be available.

‘Rugrats’ will also be available on physical media

Game scenario available in the demo – Image: Nerdzismo/Reproduction

The company responsible for developing the game is Mix Games and is working together with Wallride.

The product will have a 100% digitized version, but will also offer the game in physical media for the NES console. This way, collectors will be able to have the tape stored on their shelf.

Unfortunately, an official launch date has not yet been announced, and pre-sales have not yet started.

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But fans can test a version of the adventure at the Steam Next Fest that will take place in February.

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