Roguelike is a game genre that will leave you addicted! See 8 titles to discover

Games of the genre Roguelike They won the hearts of gamers due to the diversity of scenarios and unpredictability with each new game.

From medieval dungeons to intergalactic spaceships, these games offer unique experiences. From then on, each new play is like exploring completely unexplored terrain.

With the random generation of scenarios (procedural mode), each gameplay is an unprecedented journey and keeps players on their toes in a challenging environment where adaptation is the key to survival.

Furthermore, the element of permadeathin which death involves starting over from scratch, adds an extra layer of tension and strategy to the gameplay.

Thinking about highlighting some of the best titles of the genre, we compiled a list of eight Roguelike games It’s worth every minute of your time.

‘Deathloop’ is one of the most popular roguelike games – Image: Arkane Studios/Reproduction

  1. ‘Dead Cells’: Combining elements of Metroidvania and Roguelike, challenge yourself to explore an ever-changing castle while facing hordes of deadly enemies.
  2. Vampire Survivors‘: Face gigantic hordes of enemies in a world where the line between human and vampire blurs, with a charismatic pixel art-based art style.
  3. ‘Dandy Ace’: A magical and stylish journey, where players embody an illusionist trapped in a mysterious mirror, with more than a thousand variations of powers to explore.
  4. ‘SIFU’: Immerse yourself in a story of revenge with fluid and challenging combat, where the protagonist’s aging mechanic adds strategy to the game.
  5. ‘The Binding of Isaac’: In a dark tale, explore randomly generated rooms, face macabre enemies and collect bizarre power-ups in a unique experience every time. run.
  6. ‘Deathloop’: Trapped in a time loop, you must assassinate eight targets before the day ends, exploring different strategic approaches and enjoying frenetic action.
  7. ‘Hades’: Navigate through Greek mythology as Zagreus on a journey through the Underworld, turning each death into an opportunity to evolve in a title that has received worldwide acclaim.
  8. ‘Returnal’: Control Selene on an ever-changing alien planet, facing cosmic horrors and being repeatedly resurrected in a gripping narrative.

Each of these games offers a unique dive into gameplay mechanics. Roguelikechallenging players’ skills and strategies with each new experience.

Get ready for hours of fun and challenge in front of the screen with these unmissable titles from this distinct genre.

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