Rockstar Games brings a survey that likely hints at upcoming GTA 6 features

choose a few GTA Online players received an online player survey that gave hints of new features that could be added to GTA 6. GTA 6 has been in development since February 2022 and now player polls are finally starting to pop up. GTA+ players receive an email asking players to fill out a GTA online survey.

GTA+ is an exclusive membership program for GTA Online on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, meaning only a few players will get the opportunity to participate in the survey.

Rockstar Games had previously sent more online surveys to regular GTA 5 players, and those who took them would receive in-game rewards. These players would receive $500,000 in game as a completion reward.

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GTA Online survey tips on fast travel in GTA 6 and access to classic Rockstar Games

GTA 6 New Features
GTA 6 New Features will include fast travel (image credit: GTA 5)

Prominent GTA leaker Tez2 took to Twitter to highlight two features that are likely to arrive in GTA 6. The tweet states that the poll asks players to choose between new features that can be included in the new GTA game. These features are:

  • Instant fast travel around the map.
  • Free access to classic Rockstar games.

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This survey is probably to generate statistical reports on what features the player would like to have in GTA 6.

However, players had conflicting views on the options offered. Players don’t want an instant fast travel option because they can do so using a glitch. This fast travel is a little different because players who fill out the survey claim that the survey will have the ability to instantly fast travel around Los Santos and Blaine Country for free. It is assumed that fast travel will not teleport instantly, instead players will choose a location and go through a loading screen before teleporting. Players can also use the taxi for instant travel only if they agree to pay the rent.

The instant travel feature can be abused by players, such as escaping sniper battles or using it to kill players. The tweet mentions that the feature will be exclusive to players who purchase subscriptions. Rockstar is working on improving paid service features, so it’s worth seeing how this new feature is received by the community.

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