Roblox: son spends $800 on game just using his iPhone’s PIN

Unfortunately, it is no longer uncommon to come across testimonies of desperate parents after their children borrowed their smartphones and received a bill of several hundred, sometimes thousands of euros. This is exactly what happened to Linzy Taylor, a powerful TikTok phenomenon with 1.7 million followers. In a video that was released yesterday and has already reached the top 5.4 million viewsmom tells how her 10-year-old son spent $800 on Roblox.

Those familiar with the game will not be surprised. He never hid the marketing techniques aimed specifically at children, which are a real phenomenon among the younger generation and are often compared to Minecraft. However, like many other free-to-play games, Robloxlots of microtransactionsIts danger is not necessarily assimilated by its youngest users.

10-year-old bypasses iPhone security measures to spend $800 on Roblox

Linzy Taylor says she thinks she’s out of danger, that all transactions on her iPhone are protected by the password of her Apple ID account. However, this was not enough. Indeed, because his son knows the PIN code of the smartphone reset apple id password. From there, he had to open Roblox and make any purchases he wanted.

As our colleagues at Apple Insider have pointed out, simply enable the option. screen TIME Since Settings from iPhone. This makes it possible to prevent the creation of an authorization request in addition to the Apple ID password and resetting the password with a PIN on each purchase attempt. Unfortunately, Linzy Taylor admits she’s never heard of this parameter.

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