Resident Evil 4 Remake: here’s how to end the village war in seconds

Like many gamers, you may have spent your weekend in the excellent remake of Resident Evil 4. And yes, this complete overhaul of the cult game released in 2005 arrives on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, and PC on Friday, March 24. 2023.

On this occasion, Capcom has released a final launch trailer, which is kind of a summary of what awaits you in the game. As we noted in our full test of the game, Resident Evil 4 Remake does not forget any of the highlights of the original game.

After a few minutes of gameplay, as in 2005, Leon has to survive an intense and endless struggle in the village, the first area of ​​the game. This transition can cause cold sweats because of its difficulty.

Players skip village fight

However, some smart guys have found an effective way. to end this conflict in a few seconds. Normally you have to hold out and survive until the church bells ring. At this very moment, ganados lay down your weapons and give up the struggle to go to “mass”.

Well, why wait and waste your life and ammo when you can? expedite the process and quickly send the faithful to prayer. The steps to follow are:

  • After the fighting begins, go to the house where Leon took refuge for a few minutes before being attacked by the man with the chainsaw.
  • Upstairs (where the shotgun is), jump out the window just to the right of the stairs
  • From this location you can see the church tower from afar and hit the bell

Be careful though, the operation just seems possible if you have a sniper rifle, due to the distance between you and the building. Actually this is the trick valid only during your new gamewhen you restart the game with all your equipment.

Anyway, this trick will probably make fast runners happy and they can save valuable minutes on the hour by avoiding this somewhat long crash.

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