Real Madrid’s Vini Jr. creates exclusive costume for ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’

The fusion of the world of football and the gaming industry has never ceased to surprise and delight fans of both areas. Now, the news is the unexpected collaboration between Vini Jr., a talented Brazilian player who plays in Real Madriddand the long-awaited sequel to the popular game “Marvel’s Spider-Man”.

The football star surprised both his own fans and those of Spider-Man by announcing his participation in the creation of an exclusive outfit for “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2”.

At the game’s launch, scheduled for next Friday (20), there will be a variety of costumes inspired by the protagonists’ stories, including the outfit created by Vini Jr.

Vini Jr. leaves his mark in ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’ costumes

Image: Reproduction/My PlayStation

So far, neither the player nor Insomniac have released details about the partnership, but new information is expected to be released soon, given the proximity of the new game to PlayStation 5.

The new title will offer over 65 different outfits due to the inclusion of Peter Parker and MilesMorales as playable characters, each with their own wardrobe.

Most outfits should unlock unique abilities, but players will have freedom of choice. This just won’t be possible if the story requires a specific uniform.

Regarding this partnership, Vini Jr. comments:

“When I saw it, I had a lot of ideas to design a costume for myself, and then PlayStation surprised me and put me here on a call with KidSuper.”

Vini Jr. demonstrated not only his professional involvement, but also his passion for the character by revealing that he is a big fan, going so far as to tattoo a tribute to the superhero.

He stated that he worked tirelessly to bring something truly special to the company’s next Spider-Man game. Marvela fact that increases the already high expectations and curiosity of fans, who want to see the result of this unique collaboration soon.

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