PS6: Is the PS5’s designer back to the controls for the new console?

The PS5 was launched a little over two years ago, and Sony – logically – should already be laying the groundwork for the next iteration. While it’s still a long way from the PS6’s arrival, a few rumors call the project’s foundations and especially the designer.

Indeed, two generally well-informed Twitter accounts, Worry Wart Player together PS6Countdown wake the name of Mark Cerny at the beginning of the project. A true video game legend, Cerny once worked as the PS5’s chief designer.

PS6 shouldn’t come for a few years

It makes sense for Sony to start working on the next console as soon as a console comes out. Get Cerny back in charge of the project, to give him absolute confidence. Absolute and well deserved given the PS5’s technical quality. It brought a variety of cool things to the console world, such as ray tracing support and reduced load times thanks to SSD.

Now, It’s too early to expect anything from PS6, The PS5 has at least five more years ahead of it. Moreover, the machine struggled to settle in the market due to the shortage of semiconductors. Early 2023 is synonymous with rebirth for Sony, which is finally able to offer its consoles without any stock shortages. However, these concerns haven’t really penalized sales, as 30 million PS5s have been sold since 2020.

Of course, these rumors need to be taken with great tweezers, nothing has been officially filtered on the Sony side. But Mark Cerny’s return seems logical. we are not there yet Since the year 2023 already promises a lot Soon with the arrival of PS VR2, major games like Final Fantasy 16 or Spider-Man 2, or perhaps the arrival of the second generation PS5.

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