PS6: Sony has announced the release date of the model that will replace the PS5

A partially revised document was made public as part of the UK Competition and Markets Authority’s comprehensive review of the proposed document. Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard for $68 billionAn operation that Sony has always vehemently opposed.

The 22-page document is Sony’s ” strongly believes the transaction will harm competition, industry players, innovation and consumers “By the way Microsoft says merger” It is fundamentally pro-competitive as it increases competition in a market long dominated by Sony The American giant has also admitted that PS5-exclusive games are better than Xbox ones, but that might not be the most interesting part.

Sony is already considering replacing the pS5

A section in the document where Sony defends the importance of Call of Duty for the console market Briefly mentions next-gen hardware after PS5. Indeed, in a paragraph at the beginning of page 8, Sony said that when his company was ready to launch a new console, “I lost access to the Call of Duty license and other Activision features “.

To give more context to this mysterious sentence, Sony adds: a specific date of release may take place “about”, but the document details have been preserved. A few analysts say Sony has given an exact year here and 2027 will be mentioned. The PS6 would therefore arrive 7 years after the launch of the PS5, which seemed right.

Meanwhile, Sony should be gearing up to launch a new PS5 Slim model early next year. The second will have a size property: a removable disk drive. We also remember that Microsoft recently stated that Call of Duty will stay on PlayStation for at least 10 more years, which is much longer than Sony claims.

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