PS5: VRR blasts performance in Uncharted Legacy of Thieves

In April 2022, the PS5 welcomed a feature fans have been waiting for in particular: VRR, or Variable Refresh Rate. The principle is simple, on displays and televisions compatible with HDMI 2.1 and VRR, this option allows you to dynamically synchronize the refresh rate of the screen on the video output of the PS5 console.

In other words, visual performances and especially frame rate are improved by reducing or eliminating visual defects such as image tearing. In early 2022, Uncharted 4 and its spin-off Uncharted Lost Legacy returned to PS5 as a compilation called Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection.

However, more than six months after its release, the title has received a pretty significant new patch. In the effect, this update makes the game compatible with VRR. What promises better performance in all viewing modes? Rest assured, this is indeed the case, according to testing by our colleagues at Digital Foundry.

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Uncharted Legacy of Thieves is smoother than ever on PS5 thanks to VRR

Until then, Uncharted Legacy of Thieves offered three viewing modes:

  • Loyalty mode in 4K 30 FPS
  • Performance mode at 1440p 60 FPS
  • Performance Plus mode in Full HD 120 FPS (only available on 120 Hz displays)

Now with VRR support, gamers can get better performance in multiple display modes. First, the Loyalty mode goes to 40 FPS, a significant gain of 10 FPS. Note that this mode is enabled on the 120 Hz display by default.

Next, we note the arrival of a person. new Loyalty mode unlockedwhich rises 50 FPS at 4K Provided you have a 120Hz display and VRR enabled on your console. According to Digital Foundry, the frame rate can drop to 35 FPS at times, but nothing is too punishing.

Regarding performance mods, this is where it gets interesting. Indeed, the game now includes a mod Performance Unlocked. In this mode, the frame rate is no longer limited to 60 FPS and can rise up to 90/100 FPS 120 Hz screen and VRR active, all in one 1440p. In other words, we are very close to the performance offered by the 120fps mode, but with higher resolution and image quality (1440p versus 1080p). As you can see, if you have a VRR compatible 120 Hz display, We recommend choosing the Engagement unlocked and Performance unlocked screen modes.

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