PS5 Slim: The launch of the Lite version is planned for November 8, when in France?

A few days ago, Sony announced the renewed versions of its PlayStation 5 consoles. During the announcement, the company announced that smaller models will come to the US markets next month. But, An exact date was not announced.

Fortunately, leaker Billbil-kun has a habit of revealing all the new products planned at Sony via Dealabs, especially the games of the month for PlayStation Plus subscribers. That’s why the PS5 Slim has been revealed It will be launched in two waves at the beginning of November.

As a reminder, the smaller PS5 Slim has 1TB of storage for the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition, compared to 825GB in the original versions of the console. The new model allows you to add an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc player to the PS5 Digital Edition, which could also be handy if you decide to buy physical games later.

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