PS5 Pro: A well-planned high-end PS5 with an attractive spec sheet

Update PS5 software

We’ve been hearing about the PS5 Pro for several months now, with ever more reliable leaks. According to a new report, the company is now asking developers to: make sure their games are optimized for an upgraded “PS5 Pro” model It is expected to arrive late this year.

The Verge has confirmed details first leaked in March, revealing features of an iterative PS5 hardware update known under the codename “Trinity.” Sony has reportedly started informing game makers about what they need to work on Prepare your games to take advantage of the increased performance provided by PS5 Pro’s hardware and software improvements.

PS5 Pro will deliver increased performance for even better games

One of the key points seems to be taking advantage of the ray tracing features of the new console. While many PS5 games, such as Spider-Man 2 and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, already include this advanced lighting technique, Visual fidelity on Sony’s base console suffers compared to high-end gaming PCs.

According to the report, Sony asks its partners to specifically optimize ray tracing performance; Thus, games that want to carry the “Trinity Enhanced” badge will be able to offer significant visual improvements thanks to the ray tracing power of the PS5 Pro’s upgraded GPU.

Other leaked PS5 Pro features include: ~10% faster CPU mode, GPU with more compute units for faster renderingand a new machine learning sampling function similar to Nvidia’s DLSS PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR). Secondly, it can significantly increase the performance of the most demanding games.

While Sony is naturally very cautious about new hardware developments, the fact that developers have been invited to begin Pro optimizations indicates that the console’s arrival is fast approaching. If we believe previous leaks and Sony’s traditional cadence, the Japanese manufacturer should launch the PS5 Pro at the end of this year.

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