PS Vita: portable console gets its first emulator on Android smartphones

Some are already trying to emulate the PS5 on PC, while other developers are trying to revive old games from the PlayStation toy library. If PC gamers already have a huge selection of emulators, this is not yet the case for Android users, from the point of view of the Sony team. This makes the Vita3K project even more interesting.

On its official website, Vita3K advertises itself as the first functional PS Vita emulator on Android. After several years of development, the latter is finally available for download since Sunday, February 12. However, you will not find it in the Play Store yet. Before to install Discord server from the app or directly his website.

Here is Vita3K, the first PS Vita emulator on Android

The rest is relatively simple, the app directly provides download links for the PS Vita’s firmware and other files necessary for it to work properly. Once done, many games of the era will be in your hands again. It’s been possible to play Uncharted: Golden Abyss, one of the most popular games in the PS Vita toy library for the past few months.

That being said, the emulator is still far from perfect. For example, note the lack of support for VPK files or some remaining visual glitches in compatible games. The frame rate is also highly dependent on the configuration of the smartphone. On the Galaxy Tab 8, Uncharted: Golden Abyss runs at an average of 20 FPS. This is a detail that should be taken into account by those who are most sensitive about this issue.

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