Pokemon Go Genesect, counters, raid guide and everything you need

These Pokemon Go Genesect counters will help you catch this unique Legendary Pokemon with a unique spell. It is one of the few creatures in Pokemon Go that can change the type of one of its moves depending on the item it has.

While you can’t really choose what type of attack the Techno Blast signature move will be, you can grab multiple Genesect variants with different move sets. And a Chill Drive Genesect will appear in Raids from Wednesday, August 10th to Thursday, August 18th.

Trainers will have a little over a week to battle and capture as many of these special Legendaries as possible. They will also have several Raid Hours that will fill the world with Genesect for an hour.

The first will take place on August 10 and the other on August 17 from 6 pm to 5 pm local time. Both of these Genesect will have different Drivers than they have in the past, so be sure to join them to get changed Pokemon.

To help you out, we’ve compiled this handy guide on how to defeat the Genesect in Pokemon Go and what to expect when battling it.

Genesect Raid Counters

Genesect is a Steel and Beetle-type Pokemon that only weakens it to an attack, Fire-type moves. So pretty much the same deal as the Pokemon Go Mega Scizor counters. While it’s the only super-effective attack trainers need to use, it deals four times the damage.

Fortunately for Pokemon Go trainers, there are a number of powerful Fire types that can do massive damage against Legendary, including a handful of Mega Pokemon.

When it comes to Fire-type Mega Pokemon, both Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y should be options for trainers. They have access to some powerful Fire-type moves and can resist most of Genesect’s attacks.

This Genesect will have Chill Drive, which grants him an Ice-type attack as one of his possible Charged Attacks. We’ll dig deeper in the next chapter, but both Charizards will have to contend with this.

It’s worth bringing both into battle to boost the power of fire-type attacks against your team and other trainers who decide to join you in the Raid.

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Mega Houndoom will also be a strong option against Genesect and will resist any Ice moves Legendary uses against him.

As for non-Meg, Legendary Pokemon like Reshiram and Heatran can assist trainers who need raw firepower to counter the Genesect.

Here is a list of counters that trainers should consider against Genesect in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Genesect Counters
pokemon motion set
Mega Charizard X or Y Fire Spin and Explosion Burn
mega hunting dog Fire Tooth and Fire Burst
Reşiram Fire Tooth and Overheating
biting Fire Spin and Flamethrower
chandelier Fever and Overheating
Entei Fire Tooth and Overheating
Blaziken Fire Spin and Explosion Burn
bury Ember and Blast Burn
Darmanitan Fire Tooth and Overheating
Alan Marowak Fire Spin and Flame Wheel

Genesect Movement Set

Genesect has Metal Claw and Fury Cutter as Quick Attack options. Fortunately, both of them are resisted by all Fire-type trainers, likely going to war against the Genesect, so there isn’t much to worry about in this episode.

The same can be said for Genesect’s Charged Attacks. X-Scissor (Bug) and Magnet Bomb (Steel) are resisted by most Fire-type Pokemon. This is Genesect’s third Charged Attack option trainers may need to watch out for.

Ice Beam is a powerful Ice-type attack that deals super-effective damage against Flying, Grass, and Dragon-type Pokemon. Now, Fire types resist Ice moves, while Pokemon like Mega Charizard Y, X, and Moltres can be neutrally damaged by Ice Beam.

That’s why Pokemon like Moltres are not on our counter list. Reshiram are too powerful to ignore as well as Mega Charizards, so it’s better to have them if you do.

The Mega Houndoom is actually neutral hit with Bug moves due to its Dark spelling, so that’s one aspect of this battle trainers need to know. But like Mega Zards, having them on your team is more positive than not bringing them.

Here is a list of moves that Chill Drive Genesect can have in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Genesect Move Set
Fast attack Charged Attack
metal claw X-Scissors
anger cutter Magnet Bomb
ice ray

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