PlayStation triggers bomb threat at airport

Terminal A at Boston’s Logan International Airport was evacuated Sunday after a suspicious object was found. A bomb threat came to the scene and mine clearance teams were called.. The suspicious item was reportedly found in the checked baggage of a Delta Airlines flight while passing through security.

The situation seems to have been triggered A real wave of panic at the airport.I was waiting for something and I saw people running towards the exit, screaming like in the movies. Said Shaun Hartwell, a passenger, to the WFXT television channel. ” There was only an employee door, I have never seen anyone so scared in my life, if I was a threat inside, the employee wouldn’t let me in. said another passenger.

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The suspect object was ultimately a PlayStation console in very poor condition.

Upon further investigation, it turned out to be, in old PlayStation console that has deteriorated due to age or damagesaid the State Police. “ The condition of the console caused anomalies in the image produced when taking the x-ray, which caused concern among the screeners. State Police issued a statement. As such, it wasn’t a PS5 that would soon see its performance improved thanks to a new feature.

In total, it took the police about an hour to unravel the mystery around this suspicious object. As you can imagine, this alert caused a significant number of delays. Therefore, we recommend that you do not fly with your console if it is in poor condition. In the video below you can see all the passengers leaving Terminal A after the warning.

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