PlayStation Showcase 2023: How to watch Sony conference live from 22:00?


  • When is Sony’s presentation? : Wednesday, May 24, 2023
  • When will the live stream start: at 22:00 (France time)
  • How to follow Sony live stream: here on the site using the YouTube video just above
  • How long will the live stream take: a little over an hour

The brand new PlayStation Showcase will take place on Wednesday, May 24 at 22:00. Sony has confirmed PlayStation Showcase will last “a little over an hour”this will give us time to explore many new features for PS5 as well as PS VR2.


Sony continued its tradition of keeping event details private until presentation. But, A lot of rumors have been circulating about the games that could be announced for a few months.Q. One of the most anticipated games is Spider-Man 2. Fans can’t wait for real-life gameplay footage that provides exciting insights into the iconic superhero’s universe. The Venom actor has already teased a September release for the title, so a rollout tonight seems inevitable.

Marvel Spider-Man

Besides Spider-Man 2, other important games may be introduced. Among them can be cited DLC for God of WarMultiplayer mode for The Last of Us, reboot and remake version of Silent Hill Metal Gear Solid 3. Naughty Dog, for its part, would be preparing a brand new Uncharted. The final installment of 2016, A Thief’s End, paved the way for a Cassie character spin-off, so it’s not impossible to see the series make a comeback this year.

the end of us concept art

We’re also likely to get a glimpse of some of these new franchises or live service titles during Sony’s PlayStation Showcase, especially since the company has already promised the event will deliver” Preview of several new creations from PlayStation Studios “.

On the PS VR2 side, it’s possible that Sony will unveil a brand new shooter that will be successful. Super Hot VR, one of the most popular of the previous generation. After being acquired by PlayStation towards the end of 2021, we learned that Firesprite is working on a horror game developed under Unreal Engine 5, and it is likely that this project will eventually come to life on the occasion of this Showcase.

Finally, PlayStation Showcase will likely host some indie games, but none have been leaked yet. we may have the right The Little Demon In Meespecially since it has already been delayed several times, or even for the sequel to the famous Inside and Limbo games.

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