PlayStation 5 “Slim” may arrive tomorrow, but Sony won’t offer a promotion

According to Bilbil-kun’s description, the youngest Sony will arrive in the middle of Black FridayA development that will please shopping enthusiasts. But be careful, the Japanese video game giant apparently doesn’t plan to discount the shrunken PlayStation 5 in the slightest.

According to the Dealab site, all buyers who are hesitant to take advantage of the promotions offered on bundles including the “current” PS5, which includes games such as Spider-Man and even EA Sports 24 FC. decide between the good deal offered to them now or PS5 Slim at a high price. In fact, the company also states this in the offer text; the latter is only “valid on all standard PS5s, bare or bundled, except PS5 Chassis D.” Since this surname is the code for PS5 Slim, we can say that the updated version of the Japanese console will be marketed. before the end of this promotional period.

PS5 Slim will arrive in French stores tomorrow

The launch of the PS5 Slim is therefore imminent, and Bilbil-Kun, by looking at sellers in our European neighbors, managed to come to the following conclusion: possible release date. As a matter of fact, it seems that the console will be available in Spain and Portugal starting from November 24. The site states that “PS5 Slim Standard and PS5 Slim Digital (without disc reader) will be released.” starting from tomorrow, 23 November 2023 “.

In fact, we know almost everything about the new PS5 because the changes will not be that many. Of course, from an aesthetic point of view, we cannot miss the new shapes of the beast: it will be 30% less bulky and up to 24% lighter than the previous model, weighing 2.6 or 3.5 kg depending on the model. Dealab also confirms this PS5 Digital Edition will be sold at a price of 449.99 eurosYou will have to pay 549.99 euros to get you the PS5 version that comes with a removable disk.

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