PC gamer in the form of sneakers is BIZARRE; get to know

Cooler Master surprised the market by launching a PC gamer tennis-shaped. The company recently declared that this trend should continue from then on.

Last Friday (5/1), the company announced that its new device, the Sneaker X Bouncewill combine great potential with the style of street culture.

In fact, the object in question was created in partnership with the artist Bounce, responsible for the look that closely resembles a technological mask.

According to information from the manufacturer, this item is aimed at customers who value originality, freedom of expression and exceptional performance.

The Sneaker X Bounce has design in LED, mobile speakers and other options that make it simply unique among its peers.

Cooler Master revealed that it will only make a thousand units available worldwide, but the official launch date has not yet been announced.

PC gamer in the form of sneakers is still unknown

New machine with the appearance of sneakers – Image: Cooler Master/Reproduction

Unfortunately, so far, the manufacturing company has not yet revealed more details about the specifications and features of the new PC gamer.

However, it has already stated that the equipment will have XPOWER Zenith DDR5 Gaming RAM memory, whose frequencies are capable of reaching up to 6000 MHz, with a lifetime warranty.

Sneaker X Bounce has also committed to bringing a high-performance GPU from the NVIDIA RTX 40 line, but has not yet detailed the model.

Thanks to its large size, the machine will come with a keycap removable, as well as buttons that facilitate the adjustment of lighting and audio.

Cooler Master has committed to releasing more information about the launch of the gaming PC, including the final price and the date on which it will be available to the public, but this should only happen in the coming months.

With this, the company wants to serve people who appreciate casemodsbut do not have the means or knowledge to create them themselves.

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