Overwatch 2 tank list and which tanks to use to climb in Competitive

The Overwatch 2 Tank level list is progressing rapidly with the launch of the game. With a new 5v5 format and less of a tank on the field, the community is still splitting who exactly is the best.

Still, after spending a lot of time with Overwatch 2, we think we have a good grasp of what meta is for the average player looking to take on the responsibility of being a solo tank. Tanks are now more powerful than ever, almost all with new tricks and enhanced abilities making them the big tyrants of the battlefield.

And we compiled our list of tanks from this location. While the pros in the Overwatch League and Top 500 players on the leaderboards have different opinions, the truth is that they often play a different game than the rest of the player base. The good thing with a hyper-coordinated team at the top of the game will be unreliable for average players ranging from Bronze to Diamond. So if you want to climb higher in Overwatch 2 competitive mode, some tanks are easier to do than others.

Here are the best tanks to play in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 tank level rankings

Hero level list

If you want to know how we rank up all the other Heroes, check out our Overwatch 2 character tier list.

In terms of overall playstyle, high mobility tanks are very powerful right now. D.VA, Winston, and Wrecking Ball are great options to pair with other speedy heroes in other roles, such as Genji, Sombra, Kiriko, and Lucio. Diving into the back lines and running rings around your opponents is great, and if you can get it to work right you win games.

However, if you’re after something more traditional, there are options. High sustainability in tanks is also highly desirable. Characters like Zarya, Sigma, and Roadhog are also great right now because they can take care of themselves and are guaranteed to kill with lots of great lethality.

However, do not forget that almost any tank can work at this time. None of them are currently weak, and if you feel strong with a lower hero on the list, keep pursuing that strength. This list is just a suggestion for those who feel a little lost on what to play.

  • extraordinary: D.VA, Zarya
  • Fantastic: Winston, Sigma, Roadhog, Wreck Ball
  • Good: Orisa, Reinhardt
  • Seasoned: Junker Queen, Doomfist
  • Weak: none

With that in mind, the current lineup of Overwatch 2’s tanks is:


D.VA is very strong right now. There’s a good argument that it’s the most powerful tank in the game, and a lot of that depends on how versatile it is. It’s an excellent choice for escalating in Competitive as it can benefit the composition by standing alongside a number of other characters. He can deal very good damage, has more health than ever, and his three-second Defense Matrix means he can take a lot of punishment.

He can jump on the enemy one moment and return the next to protect his team. In addition, he has incredible sustain with his Ultimate ability, giving him a second life with killing potential. D.VA can do it all and is an outstanding choice if you want to climb the rankings in Competitive because of how good it currently performs in most situations.


Zarya’s ability to sustain itself and supercharge her beam makes it an outstanding solo tank, especially for those who want to be the mightiest hero on the battlefield. The ability to use two bubbles in your beam to reach 80% charge almost instantly is intimidating for enemy players. The great thing about him is that he can choose to help his team with the bubbles or run towards the enemy and use both on himself to keep his damage flowing.

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When fully charged, Zarya is a ram to get through the enemy team, with the ability to outperform most Damage role characters in her categories. The only real danger is that Zarya is vulnerable with her bubbles on cooldown, so she needs to win fights quickly or the Supports have to keep an eye on her to survive. However, if they have the resources, most teams will get over it.


Winston is in a great place right now and is arguably his strongest in years. A composition type that uses highly mobile heroes to jump into the background to quickly take down the main heroes, Dive is very powerful. Heroes like Genji, Kiriko, Lucio and Tracer and Sombra are currently powerful and can be led by the king of diving, Winston. If your team can take advantage of this style, you win the game.

The only real problem with Winston is that it requires his team to build around itself more than any other ‘plug and play’ option. He doesn’t get into any hero composition effortlessly like D.VA and needs support to survive risky dives into the enemy’s rear. If your team is willing to work around you, it is potentially the strongest tank in the game, but it will take a little more footwork to keep it up.


Sigma hasn’t changed much in the transition to Overwatch 2, but it’s extremely strong right now. If you’re after a more traditional tank feel, a tank that sits there and absorbs a lot of damage but slowly gains ground through use, the Sigma is for you. But what makes it particularly dangerous is its enormous damage potential, making it one of the deadliest tanks on the market.

The only real downside to Sigma right now is that so many highly mobile heroes are strong in Overwatch 2 that it requires his team to give him a bit of a boost to keep up with all that speed. If he gets it though, he could be the anchor for an outstanding anti-dive team.

road boar

Roadhog is a threat. While struggling in previous Alphas and Betas for Overwatch 2, Roadhog hit Overwatch 2 in a surprisingly strong case. With the addition of Kiriko, he is an unexpected but extremely powerful partner for the big man. Ana’s ability to clear effects, such as her anti-healing ability, helps with Roadhog’s biggest weaknesses.

Her persistence is huge, as her Take A Breather now heals her for 350 health and has massive damage reduction while doing so, so she can be extremely hard to kill. On top of that, the one-hit combo on his Hook is so strong in 5v5, with one less player on the field, kills are now much more valuable. It remains a selfish Tank choice as it does not provide protection for its team, but it has a lot of potential to carry its team and with a little help it can feel unkillable on the battlefield.


Wrecking Ball is a menace in the right hands. Hamster is the king of displacing the enemy team and causing chaos and distraction. On top of that, Wrecking Ball currently has the potential to recover the most health in the game and can regularly exceed 1000 health. It’s a great option to pair with other powerful high-motion heroes like Genji, Sombra, and Sojourn.

The only real problem with Wrecking Ball is that it remains a rather clumsy character. It’s unlike anything in the game, and it can be easy to get into a team and die while leaving your teammates behind. But at a point where you can get value from it more easily than ever before. If you take some time and understand what you can get in the Cannon, it will be very difficult to kill and you will prevent the enemy from having a really tight grip on the battlefield.


Orisa’s rework makes it a ridiculously fun Tank to play. He’s an absolute tyrant on the battlefield, able to charge enemy team, push them around, stab walls with a javelin, and absorb massive amounts of damage. If you find yourself up against an Orisa, you will quickly learn how much pressure they can put you under. It’s really fun to feel like a bull on the battlefield and the biggest, worst thing on the battlefield.

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Although Orisa is in a good spot, she may have a hard time mitigating the damage done to her team. A few long ranged Damage heroes like Sojourn, Soldier, and Ashe are very powerful right now. If his buff ability is outside of its cooldown, he’ll need a lot of healing to withstand the massive amount of damage they can inflict before getting close to them. He can dominate in the right conditions, but most of the time, it feels like there are a few Damage dealers on the enemy team that can deal with him from range.


Reinhardt is probably the best tank in Overwatch 2. The burly German is iconic to the franchise and has the largest, most durable shield left in the game. Shields were generally highlighted in Overwatch 2, so Reinhardt is now quite unique in his ability to protect his team. However, always standing around with your shield is probably not what you want to do.

If you want to be successful with Reinhardt, you’re going to have to be aggressive. Damage is an important part of Overwatch 2, and Tanks should be able to do their fair share, too. Reinhardt can do a lot, but the line between boldly dominating and constantly dying is very thin. Reinhardt is able to close the gap with his shield and offense but he can also be turned off by many abilities in the game and is struggling to keep up with all the mobility that is currently strong in the game. It may work, but be extra careful when diving.

Junker Queen

It’s a shame to see him struggling in the first season of Overwatch 2 Junker Queen, but he’s definitely the least impactful new addition to the roster. It’s a shame, too, as it’s so much fun to play. For many this will be enough and to be fair it can bring a lot of value in the right circumstances. If he’s constantly in the face of the enemy, he can defend himself with bleed effects and land safe kills with his shotgun and Carnage ability.

However, Junker Queen is having a hard time taking care of her team. Commander Shout is the only way to reduce damage and currently has a long cooldown after being heavily nerfed from the first Beta skin. He also doesn’t have many ways to deal with ranged heroes like Soldier and Sojourn that are currently fine, or the ability to take too much punishment for Orisa. It can be difficult to close those distances and stay alive with the Queen if the enemy plays around you. However, none of that stops him from being an absolute blast to play.

Doomsday Fist

Doomfist is the weakest tank in Overwatch 2, but he can work with it. The problem is, if you’re not willing to spend hours, it’s probably going to be overwhelming as he’s probably the most complex hero in the game right now. She can wreak havoc if she leaves, but is very susceptible to other abilities that could cause her to fall asleep by Ana, get hacked by Sombra, blamed by Reinhardt, or die shortly thereafter. It’s the easiest tank to die with, so you’ll need to keep track of what abilities your enemy is using, what they can still have, and manage your cooldowns so you don’t get in the way and get wiped out by the enemy team.

There are certainly masters of the protagonist who can take over the game though. If you’re willing to put in the effort, check out the work of creators like: Zbra and GetQuakedOn those who do a great job ripping everything off the hero, but the truth is, you probably aren’t those players. Winston in particular is very powerful right now, and you’ll have a better time choosing Overwatch’s built-in monkey, especially if you don’t want to be a Doomfist expert, while he can do many of the things Doomfist can do much more easily.