NPC Golbraith from ‘Baldur’s Gate 3’ has a touching story

Baldur’s Gate 3′the epic game from Larian Studios, recently revealed a tribute to a player who faced the difficult journey of dealing with the Alzheimer’s from your father.

The story began during the game’s early access phase in 2020, when a forum user known as Solfalia expressed her gratitude to Larian for releasing Act I, allowing her to share one last adventure with her newly diagnosed father.

Emotional tribute in ‘Baldur’s Gate 3’

The NPC Golbraith was created to honor the player’s father – Image: Larian Studios/Reproduction

Larian Studios, touched by Solfalia’s message, got in touch and proposed the inclusion of a tribute to the player’s father within the electronic universe.

What started as a simple mention turned into something extraordinary: the creation of an NPC called Golbraith Stredivas, inspired by Solfalia’s father.

Golbraith is portrayed as a renowned retired mind flayer hunter with a wine cellar of his own to explore.

Solfalia, upon exploring the full game, discovered that Golbraith not only resembled his father, but also shared exciting dialogue and details like a secret wine cellar.

The player shared the experience with his father, who, even in a nursing home, was filled with joy upon hearing the description and being proud of the virtual character.

The impact of this tribute goes beyond the game, connecting deeply with the emotions and memories shared between father and son.

Solfalia expressed her gratitude to Larian Studios by highlighting that the tribute went far beyond her expectations, as it provided emotional moments and revived the joy in her father’s heart.

Larian Studios’ Rachel Quirke shared the story on social media, revealing that it wasn’t her, but an anonymous writer at the studio who brought Golbraith to life.

Swen Vincke of Larian recognized the remarkable humanity of this anonymous writer, highlighting the power that games have in creating meaningful experiences.

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