Not even the PS5 is a match: why doesn’t any console beat the Switch in Japan?

The video game market in Japan has always been led by two giants: Sonywith its PlayStation series, and Nintendo, with the iconic Nintendo Switch.

However, the latest survey of Famitsua respectable Japanese games magazine, reveals that the Nintendo Switch maintains its dominance in both the console and gaming markets.

Between October 9th and 15th, Nintendo Switch sales figures were impressive. 34,471 units of the OLED model were sold, almost double the sales of the PlayStation 5, which reached 18,565 units in the same period.

Image: PlayStation/Sony/Reproduction

However, the success of Nintendo Switch is not limited to the OLED model, as the traditional version sold 5,170 units, and the Switch Lite, 4,828, totaling an incredible 44,469 units sold.

In comparison, Microsoft’s Xbox Series S and Series X sold a total of 1,086 units, with a slight advantage for the more powerful model.

Surprisingly, the PlayStation 4 still records higher sales than Microsoft’s current generation of consoles, demonstrating the enduring popularity of PlayStation consoles in Japan.

The Nintendo Switch maintains its leadership in console sales in the Japan due to its exceptional library of exclusive games, versatility, community support, cultural identity and price competitiveness.

All of these elements combined make the Nintendo Switch a popular and long-lasting choice for Japanese gamers.

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Here are detailed console sales figures in Japan for the period October 9-15:

  • Nintendo Switch OLED – 34,471 (Total: 5,832,653)
  • PlayStation 5 – 18,565 (Total: 3,920,351)
  • Nintendo Switch – 5,170 (Total: 19,571,417)
  • Nintendo Switch Lite – 4,828 (Total: 5,522,561)
  • PlayStation 4 – 2,054 (Total: 7,900,950)
  • PlayStation 5 Digital Edition – 1,144 (Total: 588,041)
  • Xbox Series X – 609 (Total: 224,410)
  • Xbox Series S – 477 (Total: 289,738)
  • New 2DS LL (including 2DS) – 85

Total: 1,192,508

The success of exclusive Nintendo Switch games

In addition to its success in console sales, the Nintendo Switch shines in the gaming category. Two highlighted titles are “Detective Pikachu Returns”, released in June, and “Pikmin 4”, released in July.

Both dominate the list with 16 thousand and 14 thousand units sold, respectively. It is interesting to note that, in the top 10 best-selling games, half are not from Nintendo, but are versions developed for the Switch.

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In short, the Nintendo Switch maintains a dominant presence in console sales in Japan, surpassing its competitor, the PlayStation 5. This leadership is a result of its impressive library of exclusive games and the dedication of its fan base.

As the video game market continues to evolve, the Nintendo Switch continues to thrive in the land of the rising sun.