No news? PS5 will not receive exclusive titles until 2025

Sony revealed details that adjust expectations for the near future of PlayStation 5. The Japanese giant announced that the PS5 will not receive exclusive titles from major established franchises until 2025.

This strategy marks a significant pause in the releases of anticipated games such as ‘God of War’, ‘The Last of Us’ and ‘Spider-Man’, which traditionally serve as the main drivers of console sales.

Know the motivation

The revelation came to light during Sony’s fiscal report presentation for the last quarter of 2023, in which interim president Hiroki Totoki shared the company’s new direction.

‘God of War’, PlayStation classic – Image: Sony/Reproduction

Instead of following the expected path of continuing to enrich its catalog with sequels to beloved series, the company has now chosen to focus its efforts on games with a service, highlighting the recently released ‘Helldivers 2’ as an example of this new phase.

However, this does not mean that the PS5 will be devoid of news in 2024. Sony ensures that exclusive games will still be on the horizon, thanks to strategic partnerships.

The highly anticipated ‘Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’ is one of the titles that will arrive exclusively on the console in February.

Other games, such as ‘Stellar Blade’ and ‘Rise of the Ronin’, are also scheduled to debut on PS5, keeping the platform alive with new content.

This change in strategy comes at an interesting time for Sony, which anticipates a reduction in PS5 sales.

The expectation of selling 25 million units was adjusted to 21 million, reflecting forecasts of a market in constant evolution.

Totoki also highlights this phase as the “final half of life” for the current generation, suggesting a renewed focus on optimizing sales and profitable management.

Despite these adjustments, the PS5 continues to be a strong competitor in the market, with record revenue and a significant increase in the number of PS5 subscribers. PlayStation Plus.

By the end of 2023, the console had reached an impressive 54.7 million units sold, driven by the launch of the Slim model and the success of ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’.

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