Nintendo: bad news, Switch Pro has been canceled, according to Digital Foundry

it’s done now A few years ago we talked about the imminent release of a new and more powerful Switch “Pro” at Nintendo.. Last year, several reports from Bloomberg revealed the availability of 4K development kits for a new Switch Pro. However, Nintendo had assured that it would not work on any new models, but that didn’t take into account other instabilities in the industry.

Nvidia had officially confirmed that they were working on a new, more powerful Tegra 239 chip, and everything seemed to indicate that it would be for the Switch Pro. Other reports have even indicated that it’s likely to launch in 2023 as the industry is slowly recovering from key ingredient shortfalls that have occurred in recent months. However, the Nintendo Switch Pro may never arrive.

Digital Foundry says Nintendo Switch Pro has been canceled

A new report from Digital Foundry claims that previous reports don’t lie. It the new console really existedbut several unnamed developers have confirmed with them:was canceled. However, Nintendo had asked its studios to design 4K games a few years ago.

According to Digital Foundry’s Linneman, the console’s cancellation was partly due to the fact that: Nintendo fears finding itself in a situation similar to that of the Gamecube or Wii U. As a reminder, these suffered disastrous sales figures.

The news will therefore disappoint many players as many expect a slightly stronger Switch in the coming months. Most of today’s games The current version is on its knees due to its limited power, including the newest Pokémon Scarlet/Purple.

taking into account the arrival More ambitious flagship titles next year, including Hogwarts Legacy and The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, it’s legitimate to fear performance issues in these games anyway. Linneman says he doesn’t expect the Switch to have any successors in 2023, so hopefully 2024 will eventually be the year that welcomes a new generation.

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