A new PSP that can run PS4 games: is it finally a true portable PlayStation console?

PlayStation Portal

Since the beginning of the year, there has been news about a project for PlayStation’s new portable console. Journalist and cameraman Anton Logvinov puts money back into the machine on his Telegram channel. If we pay a little attention to his words, he was one of the first to ever mention that there would be a PC version for PlayStation games exclusively for Sony consoles.

According to him, this new generation PSP will be able to run PS4 games natively. Therefore, unless it is open to cloud gaming, enjoying the latest games on the portable console will be out of the question. The catalog promises to be limited anyway, as compatible games will only be those that benefit from the PC version.

A portable PlayStation console such as a Steam Deck

If he can confirm that Sony is indeed working on such a project, he notes that distributors and retailers are currently skeptical of the existence of such a product. This means that if the portable console is indeed in development (which we can still doubt), it is still far from ready due to its partners not being aware of anything in advance.

Last February, the Moore’s Law is Dead YouTube channel talked about a potential PlayStation Portable. Then there was talk of a system powered by an AMD APU and designed to ensure compatibility with PS5 as well as PS4 games. Thanks to AMD’s progress, many portable consoles have hit the market recently: Valve’s Steam Deck, of course Asus’ ROG Ally, or the more controversial MSI Claw.

Therefore, we know that it is technically possible to develop a portable console capable of running large games, even if autonomy remains an issue. Many gamers expecting a sequel to the PSP and PS Vita were disappointed by PlayStation Portal, which was more of a connected display integrated into the DualSense controller. After testing the market, will Sony finally be able to release a true portable console?

Source : Anton Logvinov (Telegram)

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