New defenses: PSN reinforces security with access keys; know more

A Sony is about to make a significant leap forward in online security for PlayStation Network (PSN) users.

In an initiative to improve digital defense, the company announces an update to its security system, integrating access keys as an additional layer of protection.

Reinforcement of PSN security: introduction of access keys

PSN implements access keys for improved security – Image: Reproduction

In the coming days, the traditional password approach will be complemented by the access key system, offering an innovative alternative to users when logging in without having to enter codes previously registered.

This transition aims to not only simplify the access process, but also strengthen PSN members’ digital defenses.

According to information available on the official website, passkey will be a dedicated service, introducing an evolution in the current startup model.

This will allow users to opt for alternative methods such as fingerprint, facial recognition and PIN, eliminating sole dependence on conventional passwords.

Configuring PSN access options will be possible through the Security section on the account management page, as well as through the PS App applications and on PS4 or PS5 consoles. However, it is important to note that, for now, such options are not active in the profile settings.

“The introduction of a passkey also significantly reduces the vulnerability associated with traditional password-based systems: it cannot be guessed or reused, it is directly linked to your PSN account and can only be accessed by you. Passkeys are safer, resisting phishing and other types of cyber attacks, such as data breaches”, highlights the company.

More information may emerge in the coming days as PSN looks to bolster its trust of users in an increasingly complex digital environment.

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