National game inspired by ‘Pokémon’ arrives soon on Nintendo Switch

Recently, a game that has gained enormous popularity in recent months since the announcement of its development is about to receive an exciting adaptation for the Nintendo Switch.

The news was released during the most recent edition of Brasil Game Show (BGS), one of the biggest gaming events in Latin America, which took place from October 11th to 15th this year.

The game in question is “Bágdex”, an adventure that has roots deeply inspired by a widely loved franchise, “Pokémon”.

However, the Brazilian touch in this adaptation makes it unique. Developed by the national studio Caramelo Games, the project features the collaboration of the Dumativa team and the Castro Brothers, which is known for its involvement in several successful projects.

When will the game be released?

Image: Dumativa Game Studio/Reproduction

Although the news has left fans excited, it is important to note that the game “Bágdex” has not yet been officially released, which means that enthusiasts will have to wait a little longer to dive into the magical universe that it promises to offer.

Details about the release date are still being kept secret, but expectations are that the game can be seen in action during the BGS 2024.

BGS 2024, which promises to be an unforgettable event for gaming fans, is seen as a perfect opportunity for the “Bágdex” developers to reveal a taste of what players can expect.

Fans are eager to check out the mechanics, graphics and creatures that will populate the world of this new adventure game.

Until then, Nintendo Switch players and fans of RPG They must eagerly await the day when they can embark on this Pokémon-inspired journey and discover the secrets of the “Bágdex” universe.

Read an excerpt mentioned by the game’s illustrator, Wagner Janelli about the new adaptation:

“What seemed impossible happened: Bágdex was confirmed to be adapted for the Nintendo Switch. I would like to thank Nuuvem and Dumativa for their support in making this possible.”

Janelli also concluded by saying that there will soon be more information about the game for the public.

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