Microsoft innovates and introduces an era of games on different platforms

Are you ready to see Microsoft games on different platforms? If not yet, get ready, because it’s time!

The company revealed what the next steps will be to make games advance and become increasingly plural.

Microsoft has directed its efforts towards a future that includes several platforms in the gaming world, as indicated by executives from Xbox.

With the recent acquisition of Activision, the company seeks to expand the reach of its titles, providing a significant presence in the main media in the gaming universe, as highlighted by executive director Satya Nadella.

Asked about the company’s next chapter, Nadella commented, through Eurogamer, that the gaming division aims to reach as many players as possible.

He highlighted that the teams are excited to develop titles for Xbox, consoles, mobile devices and PC. Understand what is part of the planning!

Microsoft intends to create titles for different platforms – Image: Internet/Reproduction

Microsoft plans to expand to other platforms

Nadella expressed his excitement regarding recent developments in the gaming department, especially following the Activision Blizzard King acquisition.

He highlighted the belief that the company now has the ability to do what it has always wanted: to build exceptional games and make them available to people in a variety of ways. platformsincluding Xbox, consoles, PCs, mobile and through cloud services.

Will artificial intelligence in games be a reality?

Nadella also addressed the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in the gaming scene. He highlighted that the world is going through significant transformations, offering diverse opportunities through tools based on machine learning.

Such features have the potential to drive and shape the future of Microsoft gaming, as well as extend capabilities to other platforms.

Still according to Nadella, there is a great motivation to advance these new developments and a special synergy when it comes to artificial intelligence.

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