Magical adventures: first scenes of ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ on Switch promise unparalleled magic

In February 2023, fans of “Harry Potter” and the magical world of JK Rowling received a special gift: the game “Hogwarts Legacy”, developed by Avalanche Studios, which is enchanting players from all over the world.

Initially, the game was released for PC and PlayStation and Xbox consoles, causing a real stir among lovers of the series. However, there was one notable absence: the Nintendo Switch release.

But recently, magical news shook the gaming community that owned the Nintendo console: the game will be available for the Nintendo Switch in November! Check out more details below.

Lots of excitement

The first images released by the Nintendo store in Japan left fans even more excited. Stunning Hogwarts scenes, iconic characters and incredible spells were just a taste of what’s to come. Check out the first photos of the game on Nintendo.

Image: Hogwarts Legacy/Reproduction

Image: Hogwarts Legacy/Reproduction

Hogwarts Legacy” offers a unique experience, allowing players to create their own wizard character. Fans can customize their avatars, choose their houses and even learn the famous spells that marked the series.

Image: Hogwarts Legacy/Reproduction

Image: Hogwarts Legacy/Reproduction

The feeling of launching a Expelliarmus or exploring the forbidden forest is a dream come true for many. O game transports players to an expansive version of Hogwarts castle and surrounding areas, giving them the chance to explore the vast wizarding world.

Image: Hogwarts Legacy/Reproduction

Mysterious dungeons, fantastic creatures and deep secrets await those who venture into this magical kingdom. Furthermore, players can choose their character’s direction, shaping their journey according to their choices and actions.

The game’s inclusion on the Nintendo Switch not only expands the game’s reach, but also further unifies the fan community. Now, players can share their experiences, duel with each other and explore the magical universe they want to participate in, thanks to the actions of the portable console.

Release date of

“Hogwarts Legacy” on Nintendo Switch is a dream come true for Potterheads. It’s an opportunity to dive head first into the magical world that has captivated generations, create your own wizard character and master iconic spells.

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With the promise of a magical experience starting November 14, fans can’t wait to open the book on this new adventure and explore the magical universe of “Harry Potter” in ways they never imagined possible.

Get ready to cast spells, explore secret corridors and discover what the world of “Hogwarts Legacy” has in store for wizards and witches from Nintendo Switch!