Logitech G Cloud: console not abandoned, scheduled for European release in 2023

Update dated 24.01.2023 18:17:

Following the publication of our article, Logitech contacted Moyens I/O’s editorial team and requested the right of response. The brand says it’s committed to launching the G Cloud in Europe in 2023, but no official date has been set for now. It also allows the machine to benefit from software tracking over time. Note that answers to frequently asked questions about the machine are no longer available at this time.

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Note that in September 2022, Logitech created a surprise by introducing the Logitech G Gloud Gaming Handled at the Logi Play conference. Building upon the success of cloud gaming platforms like Xbox Cloud Gaming or GeForce Now, this portable console delivers an experience focused solely on cloud-hosted games.

To do this, it includes three services pre-installed directly on the machine, such as Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming or Nvidia’s GeForce Now. In any case, if the offer is attractive at first glance, G Cloud is actually separated by a few hurdlesstarting with a fairly limited technical sheet.

A portable console with various handicaps

Indeed, the machine only features a 7″ IPS LCD panel in Full HD with a 60Hz refresh rate. As a result, subscribers with GeForce Now’s RTX 3080 formula won’t even be able to enjoy the 120 FPS their formula allows. But above all, One of the biggest problems with G Cloud is the inability to connect to 4G/5G.

Wi-Fi, which is a shame for a mobile console designed for home use only as it lacks a SIM card slot. The icing on the cake, Logitech G Cloud doesn’t even take advantage of an advantageous price to stand out from the competition. currently offered $399therefore it shows the same price as Valve’s Steam Deck, which offers much more possibilities.

The end of an already planned career

In fact, it was difficult to envision a brilliant career for Logitech G Cloud. And unfortunately for him, it will be really short lived. Indeed, our colleagues club We reviewed the console’s frequently asked questions on the manufacturer’s website.

Here we can read that Logitech will ensure the distribution of software updates for G Cloud’s operating system for the first 12 months following launch. And after that, nothing. In other words, monitoring of the machine will end in September 2023. After this date, console will be vulnerable to the slightest security breach and potential cyberattacks… if you expect to take over the G Cloud (the console is currently only available in the US and Chinese territories), It must be admitted that the hypothesis of a launch in Europe is highly unlikely.

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