Lenovo Legion Go: whitepaper revealed, Steam Deck may rock

Following Valve’s Steam Deck, Asus’ ROG Ally, and even more recently the Logitech G Cloud, we’ll soon welcome a new player in the booming portable console market. Yes, Lenovo is in the starting blocks to make itself accepted in this bustling industry; It’s a surprising decision when the company has just abandoned Legion gaming smartphones.

In August 2023, our colleagues on the Windows Report site published the first official images of Lenovo Legion Go. Many similarities Legion Go shares with Nintendo Switchat least in terms of design. In fact, Lenovo also preferred removable controllers like the Joy-Con. However, there are some differences, especially in terms of commands. Right controller has an integrated trackpadThere are additional buttons on the back of the console.

lenovo legion go

Tech page gone

But we lacked the vast majority of the beast’s specs. Windows Report in progress and login wouldn’t count We publish the full Legion Go specs. It was enough to anger the manufacturer, who will present the device at IFA 2023 in early September.

First of all, the media does indeed confirm a presence. Modified AMD Ryzen Z1 SoCIt’s the same one that equips the Asus ROG Ally. It comes with an AMD GPU based on the RDNA 3 architecture. On the RAM side, you’ll have to rely on it. 16GB LPDDR5X RAM It is clocked at 7500 MHz. As for the storage capacity, it will swing between 256GB and 1TB via NVMe SSD.

Screen is Legion Go’s #1 argument

Now we come to the screen, which in our opinion is the main selling point of the Legion Go. Indeed, the portable machine is a 8.8-inch panel in QHD+ definition (2560 x 1600 pixels) and has a refresh rate 144Hz. Very simply, it is the largest diagonal in the portable console market. On the other hand, one more time will have to be satisfied. IPS screen. Nintendo can therefore breathe and remains the only company to offer a portable console with an OLED panel.

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What about batteries and autonomy? According to Windows Report Legion Go, 49Wh batteryThis seems limited to us, especially due to the larger screen, higher resolution and higher refresh rate. To compensate, the manufacturer will offer 65W fast charging. There are no surprises to note regarding the operating system: Legion Go will run under an optimized version of Windows 11.

lenovo legion go

Promising accessories like these AR glasses

Note that Legion Go, like Sony’s PlayStation Portal, will come with some new accessories. Not including Lenovo Legion E510, 7.1 wired headphonesOne device really caught our attention: Legion Glasses, augmented reality glasses. Compatible with any device under Windows, Android or macOS via USB-C connection, Legion Glasses displays an interesting white paper:

  • Two Micro OLED displays
  • Definition at 1920 x 1080 resolution per eye
  • Built-in high quality speakers

Let’s end this overview with the prices and release date of these devices. Thus, Legion GO will be released in October 2023 at its price. 799 €. AR glasses, Legion of Glasses, are also expected to be available in October at a price of 2,500 TL. 499 €. As for the Legion E510 RGB, the wireless headphones will also be priced at £200,000. 49.99 €.

lenovo legion go

Source : Windows Report

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