Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Old Man warm mane and attractions for paragliding

The Breath of the Wild Old Man locations in The Legend of Zelda Great Plateau will take you to the Warm Doublet, Paragliding and more. When you return to the Old Man after finding the four temples, you will receive a paraglider, an essential item for your progress. If you want to float in Hyrule, here’s how to find Wild Old Man’s Breath locations and detailed breakdowns of each of the Great Plateau shrines.

Old Man locations in Breath of the Wild

The Old Man moves around the map as you do, and you have to zip him up whenever you want to trade a plate for a warm vest, so this is where you can find him in the Great Plateau area.

1 – Great Plateau

As soon as you exit the Temple of the Apocalypse, where you start the game, you will be in the Great Plateau.

A small cutscene will show you the Old Man on the road to the right.

Scroll down to find him sitting by a campfire. This is where you’ll find him hanging out in this part of the map.

2 – Forest of Spirits

The Forest of Spirits is west of the first temple.

As you get closer, you will see a cloud of smoke rising from the forest canopy.

The Old Man can be found at night at the place of bonfires and pots, and during the day hunting or felling trees nearby.

#3 – Mount Hylia

This spot is actually more of a point of view than an Old Man place.

There is a convenient path to the top of the summit.

The Old Man is on the hill, admiring the view. Be sure to check the rock next to you for some amber.

4 – Old Man’s Cabin

Far from being a nomadic vagrant, the Old Man actually has a dwelling in the south of the area.

Head south from the Temple of Time and you’ll notice it right away.

At night, the Old Man will be sitting outside by the pot. Otherwise it will go around and cut down trees.

If you want the Breath of the wild hot farm before you head to the snowy area to overcome the two temples located there, you need to cook Spicy Meat and Seafood Fries for the Old Man. If you complete the temples without him, you will find the duo in the Old Man’s cabin, but it is much more convenient to pick him up in advance.

Read the diary in the Old Man’s cabin and you’ll discover a partial recipe. Looks like he’ll give his warm vest to the person who finds the missing material.

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The three ingredients are Spicy Chili, Raw Meat, and Hyrule Bass.

The pepper can be found growing near the entrance to the snowy area at the end of the road from the Temple of Doom. To the right of the arch is a Bokogoblin camp, where you will find a pepper plant.

The fish can be seen swimming in the lake next to the Temple of Time. You can shoot them with an arrow and dive to catch them, catch them by swimming over them, or drop a bomb into the water and enter the water to retrieve their corpses.

The Forest of Spirits is home to a number of pigs. The easiest way to kill them is with a well-placed headshot. Otherwise, you can try to sneak up on them, but be warned, they’re frivolous.

After you cook the food, you have to present it to him while you rest by the campfire for the night and tell him that you are cooking something.

Give the dish and the hot couple is yours.

The Oman Au Shrine will be the first place you visit, and the Old Man will show you it after activating the Great Plateau Tower.

Make your way and go inside. Interact with the podium on the left to get the Rune of Magnesis, which will basically give you a large magnet.

Use your new power to animate the metal plates on the floor and go down the ladder.

Use Magnesis to remove metal blocks from the wall and climb over them.

Cross the metal board in front of you and then use Magnesis to pick it up and bridge to the next platform.

When you get to the other side, look left to see a metal chest. Use your magic power to drag him. The Traveler’s Bow is inside.

Now pull open the doors and the shine is gone.

Ja Baij Shrine is in the ruins of Eastern Abbey. To the east. Clearly.

Beware and enter the living Guardians ready to drag you into oblivion.

Interact with the pedestal to get the Remote Bomb and blow up the cracked wall in front of you.

Blow up the wall on the right to reveal a chest containing a Traveler’s Claymore.

Now blow up the wall on the left and jump onto the moving platform to move on to the next room.

First of all, we will take the chest in this area.

Proceed to the far left.

Stand on the hydraulic platform and let it launch you onto the platform with the crate containing the amber.

Now go right and go up the stairs. Throw a bomb into the pipe here to blow up the cracked rocks opposite.

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You can now climb the ladder and complete the temple.

Owa Daim Shrine is in the south of the area.

To reach it, you must have taken the hot farm or cooked a series of cold-proof dishes.

Interact with the pedestal to unleash the time-freezing Stasis power.

Use it on the gear to stop the platform from spinning and get to the other side.

At the top of the ramp is a chest containing the Traveler’s Shield. The only problem is that there are giant balls rolling towards you.

Before the ball rolls off the side, use the Stasis and run towards the middle where you can pit stop without being crushed.

You don’t need to freeze the ball to get to the top of the platform, where the chest is, because you have plenty of time to run around there.

Now that’s done, go down and turn left. Get the Iron Sledgehammer against the wall. Use Stasis on the ball blocking the path in front of you and use the sledgehammer to get to the city on it. It will fly away, clear the way and let you finish the temple.

Keh Namut Tomb in Büyük Plateau is in the west.

It’s also in the snowy region, so make sure you can come out with a warm mane or a cold-proof meal.

Interact with the pedestal to gain the ability to create icy platforms on the water surface.

Use this power in the small pool in front of you to reach the opposite platform.

Next, create a platform under the door to lift.

As you walk to the next area, you will see a chest on a nearby platform. To reach it, create a column of ice and thrust the Traveler’s Spear into it.

To complete the final puzzle, form the slab into a ramp by forming a column of ice under one of its ends.

After exiting the Temple, the Old Man will float down and – in a roundabout way – tell you to meet him at the Temple of Time.

When you reach the temple, go inside and it will announce its presence. Go up to the roof and get the paraglider to talk to him one last time. The world is now your oyster. Enjoy!

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