It’s going to take a while: Sony gives TERRIBLE news to the gaming community

In a surprising move for the gaming community, the Sony made the decision to postpone the launch of several titles highly anticipated by fans of the gaming universe.

The significant change in the release schedule could significantly affect the release calendar, generating anxiety and uncertainty about upcoming releases, especially for PlayStation.

Sony announces postponement of several games

Image: Reproduction/My PlayStation

Sony announced that it will halve the number of games live service games slated for release by 2025, revealing during a conference call about its fiscal second-quarter 2023 earnings that six of the twelve games planned through March 2026 have been delayed.

“We are trying as much as possible to ensure that [os jogos] be appreciated and enjoyed by gamers for a long time,” said Sony President, COO and CFO Hiroki Totoki.

Despite the postponement of some games, Sony reiterated its commitment to expanding its presence in games focused on live and multiplayer services.

Although there is this change in launch plans, the company remains dedicated to exploring and expanding in this segment, as previously evidenced with the use of the acquired studio, Bungieto assess the progress of live service games in development.

Recently, there was news of layoffs at PlayStation-affiliated studios, including Bungie, responsible for ‘Destiny 2’.

However, studio management took responsibility for these cuts without directly attributing it to Sony.

Despite these developments, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) second quarter report brought positive news.

The gaming division saw a significant 32% year-over-year increase in revenue, driven by the shipment of 4.9 million PS5 consoles during the quarter.

With a total of 46.5 million PS5 units shipped to date, Sony projects that demand for hardware will remain high, especially with the mass launch of the PS5 Slim expected soon.

This confidence in continued strong console sales is reflected in Sony’s market strategy for the coming months.

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