IOC suggests creation of eSports Olympic games

A revolution is about to happen in the universe of eSports. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has seriously considered creating the Olympic Games for electronic games.

If consolidated, this decision represents a milestone that could transform the way we view sporting competition.

IOC President Thomas Bach announced this bold initiative during the 141st IOC session in Mumbai, India, revealing a world of exciting possibilities and challenges.

eSports: a global revolution

Electronic sports (esports) have consolidated themselves as a global force in recent years, and the IOC has not ignored this trend.

With a staggering 3 billion people playing esports and video games around the world, it is clear that this is a phenomenon that cannot be ignored.

Among these enthusiasts, more than 500 million show a passionate interest in esportscovering virtual sports and sports simulators.

What makes this initiative even more promising is the fact that the majority of esports fans are under 34 years old.

This represents a unique opportunity for the IOC to connect with a new generation of sports fans.

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The IOC has already taken bold steps towards integrating esports into Olympics. In 2021, it launched the “Olympic Virtual Series”, a pilot project that opened the doors to exploring the world of competitive games.

The initiative evolved into Olympic Esports Week, held in Singapore earlier this year, which brought together the Olympic community and the esports community.

The numbers were impressive: the “Olympic Esports Series” involved more than 500,000 participants and generated more than 6 million live views across all channels, with 75% of viewers aged between 13 and 34.

This initial success signals the enormous potential that eSports has in the Olympics, but it also highlights the challenges that need to be overcome.

A new chapter in sports

The possible creation of the eSports Olympic Games is a milestone that could shape the future of sports. However, Thomas Bach emphasizes that this is just the beginning of an exciting journey.

Like any new sport, it will face significant challenges on the road to full integration into the Olympics.

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However, the prospects are exciting, and the possibility of seeing virtual athletes competing for Olympic gold is a sight that opens new horizons for sports lovers.

In turn, the future of Olympic Games It may be more virtual than ever and we’re excited to see how that journey unfolds.

The era of eSports at the Olympics is upon us and the world of sports will never be the same.