‘Hunter x Hunter: Nem x Impact’: hype grows with the announcement of the fighting game

In an exciting announcement, Bushiroad Games and Eighting have revealed plans to release a new fighting game based on the classic 90s anime, ‘Hunter X Hunter‘.

Titled ‘Hunter x Hunter: Nem x Impact’, the project was already awaited by fans, and the first teaser released revealed some glimpses of what fans can expect.

The video, although brief, showed familiar characters, including protagonist Gon Freecss and his loyal friends.

Anticipation grows as fans eagerly wait to see their favorite characters come to life in virtual arenas.

Fighting game based on ‘Hunter x Hunter’

The highlight of the game will be the 3 versus 3 mode, an intriguing approach that promises dynamic and strategic battles.

However, the teaser left doubts about the participation of all selected characters as playable fighters or just in support roles in attack or defense combos. The uncertainty only increases the anticipation surrounding the launch.

Previously, Bushiroad Games had teased the project, stating that it would be a ‘large-scale experience’.

Fans have been waiting for this announcement for a long time, eager to see how the combination of Bushiroad Games’ expertise in publishing collectible card games and mobile apps would translate into a highly anticipated fighting game.

Eighting, known for collaborating on titles renowned titles such as DNF Duel, Pikmin 4, Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, further solidifies the expectation of a high quality game. The partnership between these two companies promises to deliver a unique experience to fans of ‘Hunter x Hunter’.

Despite the enthusiasm generated by the announcement, there is still no release date and the platforms remain shrouded in mystery.

Fans should stay tuned for future releases for more details on when and where they can dive into this highly anticipated fighting game.

In short, the reveal of ‘Hunter x Hunter: Nem x Impact’ raises the expectations of fans, who eagerly wait to experience the thrill of epic battles with their favorite characters.

The world of games fighting game is about to receive a dose of nostalgia and adrenaline with this addition to the ‘Hunter x Hunter’ universe.

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