How to unlock Payphone Hits in GTA Online for Assassins

If you know how to unlock Payphone Hits in GTA Online, you can plunge into the dark world of assassinations as a hit man to eliminate various targets. These requests are sent to you through Franklin, at the behest of your distinguished customers at The Agency, and are forwarded by public telephones to ensure that no traces are left to him or to the business. If you’ve dealt with the GTA 5 Exchange and Lester’s Assassination Missions before, you’ll already have a good understanding of how things work here, and Franklin leaves specific references to this previous work as you return to his role as the shooter in GTA. Online. You won’t be able to access them right away so here are what you need to do to unlock GTA Online Payphone Hits.

How to unlock Payphone Hits in GTA Online

To unlock Payphone Hits in GTA Online, you need to set up your Agency business and then complete a total of three Security Agreements. These can be started via your office computer after you sign up as CEO, and it doesn’t matter what type of contracts you complete or repeat the same type. Once you’ve finished all three, Franklin will contact you to confirm the availability of GTA Online Payphone Hits.

GTA Online Payphone Hit locations

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To start Payphone Hits in GTA Online, you need to find a ringing phone (marked with a blue phone icon on your map when you’re nearby), then approach it and interact with it to answer the call and get the details of the assassination. Plenty of public phones are available and any of them can ring randomly, so we’ve marked all known GTA Online Payphone Hits locations on the map above to get you started – if you’re nearby and the phone isn’t ringing, switch to another location and see if it triggers there. Alternatively, you can also find out if any of these particular works are available by calling Franklin directly, in which case a Payphone icon should be placed near your map.

How to complete GTA Online Payphone Hits?

When you launch one of the GTA Online Payphone Hits, you get the details of your target(s), which then appear on the map as red crosshair icons. Pay particular attention to the Assassination Bonus, which can be viewed at any point by holding directly on the d-pad, as this will increase your payout significantly if you succeed. Fulfilling this bonus objective will also help you avoid having to flee a wanted level by the police or dealing with reinforcements sent to avenge the victim. Track down your target(s) in GTA Online, destroy them and then leave the area to complete Payphone Hits.

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Completing a hit will receive GTA$15,000 and if you meet the bonus criteria you will receive an additional GTA$70,000. The first time you successfully use the bonus method for each hit, you’ll also unlock a trophy on the shelves behind your Agency desk, such as:

  • CEO: construction helmet
  • Co-Founder: Sticky Bomb
  • Sellers: Merryweather brand hat
  • The Hitmen: Coil logo mug
  • Judge: golf ball and tee
  • Popstar: model Annis Euros
  • Technology Entrepreneur: Model Taxi
  • Trolls: Bullet-hole iFruit laptop

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