How to unlock Hogwarts Legacy Level 1 unlocks and collect extraordinary gear

As soon as you find the Hogwarts Legacy Level 1 locks, as well as the level 2 and 3 locks you will find, you will want to unlock them. These locked doors are scattered all over the place and have no clue how to open them in the first place. Like so many things in the game, it’s a matter of waiting until you allow the Alohomora spell, which you should have ready to use at a certain point in the story.

Like Hogwarts Legacy eyeball chests and other boxes you can open contain a number of useful gear you’ll want to buy. So Alohomora, Hogwarts Legacy spells You’ll want to learn it, but you’ll have to wait quite a while before you can use it.

How do I unlock Level 1 in Hogwarts Legacy?

During a quest called The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament, you learn Alohomora to unlock level 1 in the main questline. Once you’ve progressed far enough in the story, you’ll be summoned by the guard Gladwyn Moon and asked to rescue two demiguise statues – enchanted items that Gladwyn suspects were planted around her to scare her.

Gladwyn then teaches you Alohomora to open the Level One door in front of you and access these Statues. Doesn’t take up space in your bag Hogwarts Legacy spell slotsso you don’t have to worry about swapping it out, just use it when the lock prompt appears.

Gladwyn then explains that if you’re willing to search Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and the surrounding hamlets and districts to get rid of the statues, he’ll teach you more advanced forms of Alohomora that will unlock level 2 and 3.

How to open locks with Alohomora?

When unlocking Level One doors with Alohomora, your goal is to turn the outer and inner dials until they produce a smooth, uninterrupted mechanical hum to indicate they are in the correct position. Turn the dials with your joysticks if you’re playing on a console, or use the Q, E, A and D keys on your keyboard if you’re using a PC. Listen and watch carefully for small movements or sounds, you may need to fine-tune the dials with smaller movements to get them just right. Don’t forget to sell unwanted items to sellers, because Hogwarts Legacy gear slots it will fill up fast unless you upgrade it!

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The release of Hogwarts Legacy has been the subject of criticism and controversy due to JK Rowling’s public stance on gender identity, which continues to question the inclusivity at the heart of the Harry Potter community. Here is our explainer Hogwarts Legacy controversy (opens in new tab).

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